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Miniature Doberman Pinscher

Intend to get a miniature Doberman Pinscher, but don't know much about it? In this DogAppy article, we will put forth all the facts about this dog breed that you need to know.
DogAppy Staff
The miniature Doberman Pinscher, a.k.a. the Min Pin, has been voted the 'cutest dog on the Earth', which―to a great extent―explains why the breed is so popular. Their small size doesn't just make them good family dogs, but has also earned them a place in the list of best apartment dogs. It is difficult to believe that the breed originated in Germany, where they were trained and used to hunt small birds and animals, or that their ancestors were a mixture of the Dachshund and Greyhound.

Important Facts You Need to Consider
  • Miniature Doberman Pinschers usually grow up to a height of 10 to 12.5 inches and weigh around 7 to 11 pounds.
  • The coat of these dogs comes in various colors, including stag red (i.e., red with some black hair), black and tan (where the dog is black in color with tan-colored marking on its cheeks, lower jaw, chest, lower part of foreleg, and the area above the eyes), tan and chocolate (same as above, but black is replaced by chocolate) and clear red, which may vary from dark-rust red to tan―this colored Min Pins are quite common.
  • They are basically family dogs who love to spend time with their master. Though they don't need much exercise, their favorite pastime is to go for a walk. They are also hardy, proud, and extremely loyal. Besides this, they are also good with children and are highly intelligent. They hate to be left alone; if left alone, they express their dissatisfaction by chewing things they come across.
  • While miniature Doberman Pinschers don't have any particular disease associated with them, their short legs do make them vulnerable to problems like a broken leg or dislocated knee, which they might experience while running or say, jumping. On your part, you need to make sure that your pet Min Pin does not indulge in any such acts.
  • As for grooming, it is a relatively easy task as the breed has a smooth and short coat, which doesn't shed much. You can comb them with a bristle brush or get rid of loose hair by wiping their body with a damp cloth. Make sure that give your pet miniature Doberman Pinscher a bath at least once every two weeks with a good shampoo.
If you are planning to bring home a Min Pin, then you can go to a breeder or rescue center, where you can easily choose the one that you like. Let me warn you though, you are bound to have a hard time choosing because all the dogs will be so cute that you will feel like taking all of them home. Additionally, you can also look for advertisements in your local daily.