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Medium-sized Dogs Good With Children

8 Medium-sized Dogs That are Actually Very Good With Children

Medium-sized dogs are great for people who do not want a smaller frail dog and also do not want to go through the hassles of caring for a large dog breed. Also, space requirement and compatibility with kids are issues. Hence, DogAppy gives you a list of medium-sized dogs that are good with children.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018
A Tail's Tale!
All purebred Beagles have a white-tipped tail. In the ancient days, this characteristic helped the hunters to find their dog in tall grass.
Choosing a dog is not just about picking up a dog that looks cute and adorable, especially when there are young children or toddlers in the family. It is important to consider your lifestyle, timings (dogs don't like to be left alone!), and your child's interest. After asking all your questions to yourself, start looking and researching on all breeds falling in that category. For example, are your kids noisy and boisterous or are they quiet and gentle? An active, fun loving Airedale terrier might be the ideal companion for an active kid but a more placid breed like the Bassett Hound might be more suitable for a shy bookworm. Below is a list which will help you in deciding. These dogs can quite tolerate children (their naughtiness). Decide on a single breed and research all you can, about it.
Every dog is different and so make sure you take care of it with love. Always, make sure that you teach your children to respect their new friend and lay some basic rules like not disturbing them while eating, etc.
List of Medium-Sized Dogs Good With Children
Airedale Terrier
Airedale Terrier Dog
The Airedale terrier is a delightful companion for a hyperactive kid. Known as the "king of terriers", this breed is known for its excellent agility, eyesight, and hearing. They are all tan except for a black straddle and wiry hard fur. Intelligent and loyal, this dog is well-known for its love for children. However, if you have very young kids you might want to watch over them as it is easy for your over exuberant dog to knock over a toddler.
American Staffordshire Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Resembling an American Pit Bull terrier, this breed is compact, stocky, and muscular. These powerful looking dogs are devoted, gentle, and make for loving members of a family. Towards a child this dog will be affable, patient, and protective; often taking the teasing and playful antics of a child quite well. However, if you want a dog good with cats or other small dogs, then this is certainly NOT the breed for you as they can be quite aggressive towards other pet dogs. Actually, it all really depends on your training.
Basset Hound
Basset Hound dog
Made popular by the "Hush Puppies" advertisements, basset hounds have short pudgy legs, heads that are wide, and have saggy and wrinkled skin. However, it is the hallmark long broad ears and drooping eyelids which give it that adorable sad look. Usually these are very sweet and gentle towards everyone including kids. Because of its tracking and hunting instincts, it can be stubborn especially when it is in close vicinity to other animals. But, this dog breed is extremely intelligent, loving, and good natured.
Beagle dog
The beautiful soft brown eyes indicate the warm personality and courage of these dogs. Available in multiple hound colors, beagles have a short, dense coat. However, it is the sweet disposition and gentle, curious personalities of these dogs that make them great for families with children. In fact, you would find that they are inseparable from children as they truly adore children.
These dogs have a thick set, heavy bodies, with a massive short faced head. Their drool, wheeze, and snore can be quite comical. Moreover, bulldogs are very affectionate, gentle, and loving. They are wonderful with children of all ages and can romp around with them for a long time.
Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel
These beloved pooch breeds have a sturdy, compact body, and a chiseled refined head with long drop ears. Cocker spaniels usually feature a double coat in which the top coat is silky while the undercoat is dense. They are usually quite active, friendly, fun loving, and are good companions for kids. The happy, good natured temperament of these dogs allow them to fit into any lifestyle.
Samoyed dog
These good-natured, kind, and mischievous family dogs love people (especially kids). They are known for their "smiling face" look. They have a thick, harsh coats in colors like pure white, white, biscuit, and cream. Intelligent and affectionate, a Samoyed loves to be around the owners and children. However, consider the regular grooming part as it is a very essential part.
Whippet dog
These medium-sized hounds look like a miniature version of a greyhound. There thin muscular bodies allow it to attain great speed, power, and balance without coarseness. Around children, these dogs are calm and amiable and can form a strong bond with their human "siblings", if mutual trust and respect is established. However, they are better suited for older children.
The average size quite solves the problem of large space requirements. However, some breeds like the whippet need large open spaces to run around and constant exercise. Basset hounds and beagles will do fine in apartments. However, relying too much on breed standards and stereotypes is not really recommended. Instead, you can try building a bond of trust and love with the dog and teach your children not to ill treat them. They surely will give you much more love. A dog is more than just a pet so carefully list all your options and then decide.
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