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A Review on Invisible Fences

Rutuja Jathar Mar 2, 2019
If you are planning on installing an invisible pet fence for your dog, then the review provided in this article may help you.
Owning a dog comes with advantages and disadvantages of its own. There are a few special efforts that a dog owner needs to take to ensure adequate dog care and safety.
He needs to take all the required initiatives that can keep the dog content inside the fence so that it doesn't trouble outsiders, other pets, and doesn't disturb yours as well as the neighbor's property.
There are a few available options that can be used for keeping your dog inside your yard, one of them being dog fencing.
There are various types of dog fences that are used, including wood fences, chain link fences, brick fences, etc. The latest trend which is widely-followed by pet owners is installing an invisible fence.

Invisible Fence for Dogs - An Overview

Before you go through the reviews, it is important to understand what invisible dog fencing is and how it works. Typically, an invisible dog fence is a set of a dog collar and a wire. If it is a wireless invisible fence, then it consists of only the dog collar, which works similar to cell phones.
The wired invisible fence comes with a 400 m long wire which you need to bury in the yard. The dog collar and this buried wire are connected with a small unit. This unit sends signals when the dog crosses the determined boundary area.
At first, it warns the dog with a beep and if the dog still crosses the boundary, then it passes a mild electric shock. This is where dog training plays a huge role in making the dog understand the meaning of the collar beep. Once the dog gets the mild electric shock, it gradually learns to stay inside the boundary.
Invisible fences are used by most dog owners for sensitive areas of the property like the swimming pool, flower garden, driveway, ponds, and vegetable garden.


There are numerous benefits of invisible fences. For instance, this is one of the best fencing ideas for dogs if you are looking for less upkeep and more effectiveness. Once you pay for buying the fence, you only need to change the batteries of the dog collar after 3 to 4 months. These fences can be used for puppies aging 8 months and above.
However, reviews reveal that if you own a toy breed dog, then it must weigh at least 2 to 2½ lbs before you bring home an invisible fence for it. The fence works great for an area of more than 25 acres.
Another advantage that came forward in many reviews is that it is really easy to install and works great as soon as you train the dog for it. The best part is that you can also travel or move to a new location with the invisible fence (if you have to). In such cases, portable wireless invisible fences are quite effective.
There are a few things that get highlighted in many reviews. Reviews claim that you need to take off the dog collar during the night-time so that the dog stays away from irritation or skin rashes. It is also advised that if you own a dog with thick fur, then you need to trim off a small patch of its fur so that it can feel the electric shock of the fence.
Having said all this, there are a few downfalls that cannot be neglected. First of all, since this fence is useless during power cuts, you need to refrain from installing it if you live in a storm-prone or high power outage area.
An invisible fence is also not suited for all dogs, since some of them have a higher pain threshold. This is why you need to follow the fence training tips carefully and train the dog well. Whatever the effectiveness of this fence, a panicked dog may prefer to ignore the electric shock and run out of the boundary and then refuse to come inside due to fear.
Another thing is the cost. Many dog owners find it quite expensive and hence prefer other regular dog fencing options. The last and the most important factor is that though the fence might keep your dog inside the yard, it cannot prevent other animals like stray dogs and wild animals from entering your yard.
This is why even if you install an invisible fence, you will still need to ensure that no intruders compromise the safety of your pet.
The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provide their special invisible fence to dog owners. Some popular brands are Petsafe Stubborn Dog Electronic Fence Without Wire, SportDog 100 Acre In-Ground Fence System, Tech Invisible Fence R21 Replacement Collar, etc.