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Instructions for Making Dog Chew Toys

Instructions for Making Dog Chew Toys

Your dog is teething and chewing anything that is coming in its way. Why not give it a homemade dog chew toy? Making them at home is easy. Here are a few ideas for making such toys at home.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Dogs love to chew anything and everything that comes their way! Most people having pet dogs have problems with the dog chewing furniture, shoes, clothes, etc. Dogs have this strong tendency of biting and chewing things. Though this activity is enjoyed a lot by them, it gets a bit difficult for the pet owners to manage the damage caused. Cheap dog toys are available in the market but they wear off easily, and you need to buy them more often which adds to your expenses.

How to make dog chew toys at home that are safe for the dog and inexpensive? Read, to learn making a few of them.

Toy #1

Things Required
  • A thick cotton rope
  • Washing machine
  • Take a thick cotton rope and cut a 12 inches long piece. Avoid using nylon rope as it may be harmful for your dog.
  • Tie knots at both ends of the rope and keep tying knots in the piece of rope over and over again to get a big bulb with a small end of rope hanging out.
  • To make this dog chew attractive, place it along with the laundry in a dryer. The rope will not harm your clothes as it is made up of cotton. After drying, the rope end will turn into fringes which will give the dog chew an attractive appearance and your dog will love to chew it.
Toy #2

Things Required
  • Freezer
  • One tennis ball
  • A knee sock
  • Pick up the longest available knee sock in your house.
  • Place a tennis ball right at the end of the knee sock.
  • Tie a knot in the sock, near to the tennis ball and keep on tying knots all over the sock.
  • Once the knots are tied, place the sock in water for some time.
  • Take it out of the water, wring it and place it in the freezer for some time.
  • The cool tennis ball sock will prove to be a great dog chew toy.
  • Let the dog play with it till it thaws. Soak and freeze every time you give it to your dog.
Toy #3

Things Required
  • Fleece cut into pieces of 1/4 yard length
  • Rubber bands
  • Scissors
  • Take the pieces of fleece and place them one above the other with their ends together.
  • Tie rubber band at one of the ends to secure the pieces in place.
  • Place the end with rubber band between the knees and start braiding the fleece pieces. Braid all along the length.
  • Secure another rubber band at the finished end. Now remove both the rubber bands and tie knots in place of them. Trim off the fleece ends to get a great dog chew toy.
Few More Dog Chew Toys
  • Rubber hose can act as a great toy for your dog. Simply cut the hose into various lengths and tie knots in it to turn it into a dog chew toy.
  • Old sweaters can be used to make dog chew toys. Trace your dog's favorite shape on a piece of paper. Place this shape on a sweater and cut out two identical pieces. Stitch the sides of the pieces together leaving a small opening. Fill it with pillow stuffing and stitch the open end completely. A soft and cuddly dog chew toy is ready for use.
  • A large beef bone can be used to keep your dog busy. Boil the bone for around 45 minutes in water. This renders the bone hard and non-chewable. The flavor and the smell of the bone will keep your dog completely engaged.
Dogs, specially puppies love to chew, chew and chew even more. If you want to avoid the decor disaster caused by your pup, try making some dog chew toys at home which are not so expensive and made with easily available materials. Make the best chew toys for your dog and your pup will love you for it!