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Information About the Extremely Endearing Westiepoo Dog Breed

Information about the Westiepoo Dog Breed
The West Highland Terrier-Poodle mix is a very endearing dog that you will fall in love with at first sight. DogAppy provides some more information about the Westiepoo dog breed.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Westie Puppy In Kayak With Life Jacket
And on vocals, we have ...
The Westie-Poodle mix is known to be a very expressive dog that does not shy away from voicing its needs and opinions. Many Westipoo owners have claimed that their dogs bark and communicate when they need something, like when they are hungry or want to go out!
A designer breed, the Westiepoo is an offspring of the West Highland White Terrier and the toy or miniature Poodle. This dog can be called the perfect package deal. It is small, easy to take on travels, has lesser health problems, is friendly, sociable, loyal, and very loving. It gets along well with kids and other pets, is always ready to participate in family activities, and loves the occasional cuddles. It makes for delightful company, where not a dull moment will arise. Such enthusiasm and positivity radiates from this pooch that it will make you feel lively too. These lines describe the Westiepoo breed in a perfect manner.
Tends to bark but is never loud,
Is white and fluffy like a cloud,
Loves to play with dogs and children too,
Here is the adorable Westiepoo.
Are you on board yet? Keep reading to learn some more about the Westiepoo-ch!
The Parents
The Miniature Poodle
The Miniature Poodle
The West Highland White Terrier
The Miniature Poodle
The Looks
The Westiepoo is a small-sized dog that is also light in weight. It stands at 15 to 18 inches in height, and weighs between 30 and 40 pounds. It looks extremely cute with its small, expressive eyes, button nose, dropped, fluffy ears, and a coat that makes it look like white cotton candy.

Its coat is soft, curly, and short, and doesn't shed much. White is the predominant color with this mix, although some puppies may inherit their coat hues from their Poodle parents. Other colors like black, brown, and red, occasionally with white patches, are also seen.

As is common knowledge, it is very difficult to predict how a mix breed dog will look. It is true that every individual dog is different, but unpredictability is higher in hybrids. Did you know that in Westiepoos, first-generation pups (those having purebred parents) are seen in mostly white coats, whereas multi-generation pups (having one or both mix parents) have higher instances of colored coats?
Personality Traits
Breeders and dog lovers always recommend doing background checks before deciding to bring a mix breed dog home. Prospective owners should read up on the breeds involved in the cross, and study their temperaments and appearances, so as to know what to expect. Again, no standards apply to mixes as it cannot be determined which parent a pup will tend more toward in terms of temperament.

However, since the Westiepoo is such a popular breed, a lot is known of its personality. It has a very sweet disposition, and is a gentle and affectionate dog. It is friendly, sociable, alert, and loyal. It gets along famously with children, adults, and other pets. It can make a good watchdog as it tends to bark to let its family know that someone is at the door. This dog thrives on human companionship, and does not adjust well to being left alone for long. Separation anxiety is commonly found in this mix, so get one only if there will be somebody home for most of the day to keep it company. In a nutshell, it is a great family dog and an able companion.
Training Techniques
All dogs need training, and the Westipoo is no exception. This is a smart dog that will require a little variety in the brainy activities for daily mental stimulation. It will get bored with the same routine every day. Obedience training or puppy kindergarten are also recommended as it is a small dog. Small breeds can become timid or nervous adults, or can suffer from small dog complexes. These training methods will enable the dog to become a well-rounded individual.

Socialization is also equally important even though the Westiepoo is sociable and friendly. It helps the dog get adjusted to, and familiar with, its surroundings, and all the people, sights, animals, smells, and sounds that it encompasses. Taking your dog out to meet and mingle with your neighbors is a very good idea. Similarly, a dog park will also work. Your dog needs to feel secure around others so that there will be no behavior issues in the future.
Exercise Needs
This is an active dog, no doubt. Walks are immensely important, and the Westiepoo will need two a day. It is also prone to running around in the house to expend its pent up energy. Additional playtime is also a default requirement, which is where off-lead dog parks or a fenced yard (if you have one) come into the picture. Although it is not a hyperactive breed, it is not a couch potato, and it loves to play. This is a bonus if you have kids. A word of caution though; this is a small dog that is prone to injuries easily. Hence, if you have small kids, first teach them how to approach the dog, and what play methods are safe. This will ensure a carefree and enjoyable games session.
How to Groom
This is a low-shedding breed, inheriting this fortunate trait from its Poodle parent. It is commonly mistaken to be hypoallergenic, which it isn't, but it certainly does not trigger severe allergies. The coat needs an almost daily brushing to remove the dead hair, to prevent it from sticking to the furniture. Bathing once or twice a month will keep the coat clean and soft. Also be sure to trim the hair around the ears, and to keep the ears clean and dry. This will avoid any infections. Other than that, the Westiepoo does not require any serious grooming.
Health Issues
Although hybrids are genetically stronger, first-generation crosses being even more so, there are always chances of a pup inheriting a health problem that is common to both its parents. Some issues that may affect a Westiepoo are cataract, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation (slipped kneecaps), diabetes, inflamed jawbones, seizures, and enlarged heart. Although it is not a rule that your pup will inherit at least one of these illnesses, there is always a possibility; so it is best to be prepared. The average lifespan of a Westiepoo is 12 to 15 years.
Living Conditions
Apartment life - Suitable only if daily exercise requirements are met.
House with yard - Perfect for extra playing to burn off energy.
If a Westiepoo does not get its chance to run around and expend all that enthusiasm, it can turn into a problem barker or chewer. That's how important it considers its workout. The Westiepoo is a total delight to have as a family pet. It is cute, lovable, and very loyal. What more could you ask for.