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Information About Pug-Dachshund (Pugsund/Daug) Mix Breed

Information About Pug-Dachshund (Pugsund/Daug) Mix Breed
Pugsund or Daug is a cross between the wrinkly, curly-tailed Pug and the tiny sausage dog, Dachshund. Take a look at the Daug's physical characteristics, temperament, and health concerns in this DogAppy article.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
Best of Both Worlds
In case you're utterly confused between adopting a dachshund or a pug, go for a daug. Daugs inherit more good and less bad from both parents, so you can be happy about a pug-like puppy with a dachshund's temperament or vice versa.
It's not surprising that a lot of people find mutts or mixed-breeds cuter and affectionate than purebreds; daugs or pugsunds do in fact take the better half of both parent breeds. They love to be cuddled, are playful, and appearance-wise, look very cute and innocent.

Let's begin with a brief outline about the pug dachshund mix and then discuss its physical characteristics and traits. Also, take a look at the picture of a cute daug and its parents.
Breeds Dachshund and Pug
Size up to 11 inches
Weight 15 - 20 pounds
Life Expectancy 12 - 15 years
Temperament Loving, Playful, Smart, and Stubborn
Daug Breed Information
The appearance of the daug is a perfect mix of both its parents. For instance, its body is slightly longer than the pug which is an important feature in dachshunds, whereas it has a muzzle which is not very long like the dachshund, but not as short as the pug. Some daugs have a completely curled tail like that of a pug, while some have straight and slightly curved tails like the dachshund's. The legs are short more like the pug's, and ears are droopy like those of the dachshund. Most daugs are short-haired and are mostly seen in two colors - black and brown.
Coming to their temperament, pugsunds or daugs are very loving and playful dogs. To get a better insight into their behavior, let's take a look at the temperament of their parents. Pugs are typically docile and calm dogs, they like to be in the spotlight and always seek attention of their owners. They are well-suited to families with children; they like children and are very sporty and playful when with them. However, they are very lazy at times and are found dozing in a corner of the house.

Dachshunds originally belong to the hunting-dogs category and therefore, are quite stubborn. They have an aggressive side which is evident during encounters with a stranger or other domesticated animals. However, proper training can turn this dog into a loyal and obedient companion. They have a tendency to bark a lot, which can be reduced by proper training. Dachshunds are clever, lively, and protective dogs; they can be destructive if not trained properly or left alone for a long time.

As mentioned earlier, daugs take the good part from both their parents. This is true in case of temperament as well. Most daugs inherit the pugs quiet and docile nature, and the dachshund's liveliness and courageousness. They seek a lot of attention and are very playful with children. Also, they are very loyal and protective of their owner despite their small size; they are very easy to train and housebreak.
Health Issues
When it comes to health issues, daugs are very healthy and do not inherit much problems from their parents. However, general care needs to be taken to prevent infections and minor health problems. A visit to the vet every 4-6 months is ideal and will ensure proper health of your daug.

Also, as daugs have drooping ears, they are more prone to ear infections and should be cleaned regularly. Regular bathing and brushing is also necessary to maintain proper hygiene of the dog. In addition to this, make it a point to take the dog out for walks to achieve its daily exercise targets, and also remember to use a leash while walking the dog.
If you liked this breed's characteristics, adopt one from a shelter or pound. You'll surely not regret your decision.
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