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Information About the Oh-so-cute Corgi-Husky Mix Breed Dogs

Information About the Corgi-Husky Mix Breed Dogs
Cuteness is here! The Corgi-Husky mix breed will melt your heart with just one look, and you will feel like taking it home.
Priyanka Athavale
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Dual Parentage
There are two ways that a Horgi is bred; the parents are either a purebred Husky and a purebred Welsh Corgi, or either or both parents are Horgis, which is known as a multi-generation cross. So decide what parentage you would like your pup to have, and then find a suitable breeder.
What would happen if you saw a tiny husky? It would probably bring out the lovey-cuddly voice in you that you didn't think you possessed. But I don't mean a Husky puppy here, I mean a Husky-Corgi cross that gives it the same cute looks, and a smaller size. This is a newer designer mix around town, which is called the Horgi or Siborgi (not like a cyborg). This is what happens when a Husky and Corgi fall in love and decide to combine their cuteness to make an even cuter family. The Horgi is just as adorable inside as it is outside, with a very sweet disposition and affable nature. It is loyal to the core and loves its folks dearly. It brings a great amount of enthusiasm and optimism to the home, and is an excellent family pet. Read on to find out some more information about this delight of a dog.
A Horgi is on the smaller side when it comes to size. It is like a large Corgi or small Husky. Its height and weight can vary greatly, as is the case with all mixed breeds. Blame it on the genes! Usually, a full-grown Horgi is up to 14 inches tall (but can grow taller) and weighs between 20 to 50 pounds. It has the face of a Husky and the legs of a Corgi. Its ears are upright when alert, the head is rounded, and the tail is curled.

The coat is medium in length, straight, and not smooth. It is water-resistant, and protects the dog against the elements. Coat colors vary greatly, and you may find a Horgi that is either red, gray, sable, dark brown, brindle, or any other color that either of its parents may be. There may even be different-colored pups in the same litter. Before buying a mix breed, always check some images online to get an idea of what to expect.
welsh corgi dog
The Welsh Corgi - Your Horgi will look like its Corgi parent, with short legs and a longer snout.
The personality traits of this dog are a perfect blend of those of its parents. It is loving, loyal, alert, sociable, playful, and brimming with energy. It gets along well with everyone, and is very sweet-natured. However, early socializing and puppy kindergarten is recommended so that your dog can easily mingle with small kids and other animals without getting nervous. But in general, this is a very affable breed.

It makes for a good watchdog because of its tendency to bark at anything suspicious. However, owing to its friendly nature, it makes a lousy guard dog, and will probably take a burglar to the cash and stash! But it is a very endearing dog that is full of smiles and love, and will surely light up the atmosphere in your home.
Coming from a very smart parentage, there is no doubt about the superior intelligence of the Horgi. One small glitch in the genes is that it can inherit the stubbornness of its Corgi parent. Even so, training a Horgi is fairly easy and quite enjoyable, as this dog is a fast grasper. Just ensure that you add some variety to the process, because let's face it, everyone gets bored with monotony. Introducing different games, commands, and even treats into the training will make it more enjoyable for your Horgi, keeping his/her interest in it sustained.

Try and space out the training into smaller sessions of 10 minutes, a few times through the day. A pup's attention span doesn't last very long, so a prolonged session will be ineffective. Along with puppy kindergarten, you can also try out obedience training; it is also the best ground for socializing your pup with other pups, and even with newer people.
This is not a docile breed by any means, and needs daily moderate exercise at the least. A brisk walk a day is good enough, along with some playtime. However, if your Horgi is bigger in size, then consider making it two walks a day instead of one. This breed does not need as much workout as a Husky does, but it needs the daily outdoor excursion to let out its energy. If your dog inherits a thick coat though, then keep it indoors in a cool place in the hot months to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke. This is a suitable breed for people who are on the go, and is not recommended for the elderly, purely due to its physical demand.
siberian husky dog
The Siberian Husky - Your Horgi may inherit the Husky parent's thick coat and energy level.
Grooming and Diet
The Horgi sheds. Period. This is another inherited glitch that needs personal attention and a proper brushing schedule. Your Horgi's coat will need to be combed everyday to remove all the dead hair, and to prevent it from settling all over the house. But other than that, there are no other tedious grooming requirements.

The diet needs to be regulated and kept in check, because this dog loves to eat and is prone to obesity. This can lead to severe health issues, especially in such a short breed. Drawing up a diet plan for your Horgi with the help of the vet will be a good idea.
A short dog like this with a longer back is prone to back troubles. Hence, it must not be allowed to jump too much, carry anything heavy on its back, and care must be taken to ensure that it does not fall from any height. Hip dysplasia and eye issues are also common health problems. The average lifespan of this breed is 12 to 15 years.
Living Conditions
Being a small breed, a Horgi does alright in both, an apartment and a house with a yard. Only that a fenced yard is better, lest your dog take off running after something it sees and likes, or doesn't like.
As you now know pretty well, the Horgi is an amazing dog to own as a pet. It will shower you with immense love, and fill the house with joy.