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Indestructible Dog Toys

Indestructible Dog Toys
Is your dog chewing all the toys till they are in tatters? Are you tired of buying new toys for your dog all the time? Then try the indestructible toys...
Pragya T
Dogs have the habit of making mincemeat of any toy you give to them, and many dogs, if they don't find anything to chew on, will start chewing even the household items. However, most toys available at the supermarket for your pets can't withstand the hardships of your pet's usage, and so have a very short life. But, instead of having to buy toys all the times for your pet, you can actually spend money on the indestructible toys which are very tough and last for a long time.

Shopping Tips
Remember these tips when buying safe and durable pet toys.
  • Ensure that the toys you are going to buy for your dog are big enough, as your dog can choke on small-sized toys.
  • The most popular toys for dogs are balls. So always buy a ball that is larger than a tennis ball. Indestructible dog balls that are larger than tennis balls are safe for your dog to play and chew on.
  • Indestructible plush dog toys are not such a good idea as they are not very durable. Also, your pet might chew on the stuffed toy and break it open and swallow the stuffing. The stuffing might not be made of safe materials, so try to avoid buying plush toys.
  • Try to avoid using any raw hide, animal hooves, or pig ears as dog chew toys. Because these are not appropriate or safe, as your dog might gnaw on these objects and choke on small portions of these objects.
  • A good choice are Rubber Kong toys. They are available in many varieties. Also dogs can't break these toys into smaller parts so the possibility of a dog accidentally swallowing or choking on them is reduced.
Below are the 5 best toys, out of which you can select the appropriate one for your dog.

The Mighty Kong: This tough toy has been around since the 70's, and was developed by a German Shepherd owner, who was concerned about his dog chewing on rocks. Now, this product is very refined and one of the best-selling durable dog toy.

Premier Bouncy Bone/Bristle Bone: This toy is very durable. It is available in various sizes, and the price can vary from USD 4 to 15 according to the size.

The Almost Indestructible Dog Ball: This toy is made of polyethylene material and among the few toys which are suitable for large dog breeds. It comes in large and small size. The ball won't chip, break or pop, and will last for a long time.

The Hurley: This toy is shaped like a dumbbell. It is made of a super durable material which is known as Zogoflex. Pet dogs also find this toy to be entertaining.

Squeak 'n Tug Toy: This toy is designed for acute hearing of a dog and so doesn't annoy human ears. It is composed of recycled fire hoses, which makes it very tough. It also floats and can be used as a retriever for dogs.

You can buy these toys at your local pet shop or online. So, use the above tips on selecting the dog toys which are indestructible, and make sure they are safe for your pet to use.