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How to Treat Skin Problems in Dogs

Shalu Bhatti Jun 18, 2019
A dog is a man's best friend, and like man, even a dog suffers from health conditions, the most common one being skin problems! Here you will find some tips to treat skin problems in dogs, and more.
Who wouldn't want a healthy and playful dog in the house? And because the dog is your pet and lives in your house, it is your responsibility to keep it healthy. Dogs, if categorized, can be of two types - one who are 'huggable' and others who are 'avoidable'.
It's not a dog's fault that it is suffering from a skin problem, it is rather a sign of an inattentive owner. If you don't want yourself to be called one, then it is very important for you to understand the need to treat skin problems in dogs and make your house, a home of a huggable dog, and not an 'avoidable' one!

Different Approaches to Treat Skin Problems in Dogs

Treating skin problems in dogs can be both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy, if the skin problem is as normal or common as pollen allergy; difficult, if it is associated with some autoimmune disease like lupus. The medications and drugs used for treating these skin problems vary depending upon the skin condition.
The most popular option is the use of antihistamines, which is usually used to deal with allergies. Apart from that cortisone pills, sprays and injections are also used for treatment purposes.
However, the treatment of canine problems involves a step by step process wherein you need to understand what is bothering your pet. Let us look at the tips and instructions that will help you cure your dog's skin problems.

Find out What Skin Problem Your Dog is Suffering From

There are various kinds of skin problems that your dog can suffer from. Some of the most common ones include hotspots, hair loss and shedding known as alopecia, problems caused by parasites (mites, fleas and ticks), yeast infections and dry and flaky skin. Though most of these skin infections are not life-threatening, they are definitely 'mind threatening'!
Don't you find it highly irritating when you watch your dog licking or scratching like nobody's business? Most of the dog owners don't take this behavior seriously and consider it to be common. But being a responsible dog owner, you need to understand that there is something bothering your dog and you need to do something to relief him.

Find out What Could be the Cause of the Skin Problem

The most common reasons for dogs to suffer from skin problems include food allergies, parasites, allergies from environmental pollutants like dust and pollens, and in severe cases the skin problem could be a result of underlying illnesses including immune disorders and cancer!
Thus, you must not neglect even the slightest of skin rash or problem that you see in your dog's skin and find out what is it that is causing the problem.

Consulting Your Vet is a Must

It is impossible for an amateur to find the possible reasons. The doctor, however would check the symptoms and the appearance of the skin and then conduct examinations and tests including a skin test and a blood test.
These tests will actually help in determining the type of skin problem that your dog is suffering from and the reason behind it. The treatment would depend upon the problem. If it is due to a food allergy, then the solution would be to stop using the food containing the source of allergy.
On the other hand, if your dog has certain lesions which are diagnosed to be cancerous, then radiation therapy and surgery would be required.

Take Care of Your Pet Dog

Like humans, even dogs need grooming and care. If your dog is suffering from allergies and skin problems, you need to make sure that you do all that you can, to take care of your dog. This can be done by following the vet's advice and making sure that you give your dog the prescribed treatment.
As mentioned, the treatment would depend upon the skin problem. For example, if your dog is suffering from ringworm, then treatment would include various antifungal treatments. Another skin problem known as impetigo, which is a bacterial infection which results in pus-filled blisters. This is treated with topical application of anti bacterial solution.

Observe Your Pet Dog Regularly to Check on Recurrence!

Well, some of the skin infections may tend to re-occur once the treatment is stopped. So you need to keep monitoring the behavior of your pet in terms of the licking and the scratching.
Like how you need to pay regular visits to the doctor to keep a track of your health and fitness, your dog also needs the same, in fact more than you because you can at least express to your family that you're not feeling OK. But your dog cannot do so, unless you read his behavior.

Additional Tips for Prevention!

There are certain things that you must do for your pet like, regular grooming and maintaining cleanliness. These and the things here can make sure that your dog is healthy and huggable.
★ A healthy diet is a must as well, although make sure that you don't feed your dog with food items that contain food colorings and chemicals. Including supplements of omega 3 essential fatty acids would prove to be beneficial and is commonly advised by vets for dogs with skin problems.
★ A bath with "colloidal oatmeal" soothes the skin from itching and irritation not only for humans, but for animals as well. Make sure that you make your pet dog bath in cool water as warm water can add to the itchiness and discomfort.
★ Avoid using chemical detergents and washing soap to clean your household. It may be because of the chemicals present in the bed sheets, sofas and cushions that may be the culprit behind the skin problems.
When you get a pet dog at your home, it is not just a 'pet dog', it is a part of your family, and you need to take care of it as you would take care of any other 'human' family member. So, instead of getting confused and trying to be the doctor yourself, you should take the pet to a professional.
You need to make sure that you cater to their basic needs of food, shelter, hygiene and cuddling, and you can be assured that you will have a loving, huggable, and adorable best friend for life.