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Smart Tips on How to Train Your Dog to Sleep in His Bed

How to Train Your Dog to Sleep in His Bed
Training your furry companion is not easy. And getting him to sleep in his own bedding, especially if he's used to sleeping with you, can be very trying. It's not very difficult though, since dogs are very obedient by nature. You just need to learn how to train your dog to sleep in his bed.
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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Handy Tips
~ Train the puppy to sleep in his bed when he's a few weeks old; the younger he is, the quicker he'll adjust.
~ Pets feel safe with their owner. Keep him close. Do not place him far away from the bedroom.
~ Teach him early on to respond to verbal commands.
Most people like their pets to sleep with them, in their bed. Although this sounds cute, loving, and compassionate, by no means is it a viable option. To begin with, dogs are prone to have worms and fleas on their coat, their paws may be muddy, and they may have, in all probability, licked God knows what when they had been outside. He is likely to transfer unnecessary infections or diseases to whoever sleeps on the bed. Vice-versa, humans are also likely to transfer diseases to their pets. Also remember that, pet-owners must retain the position of the alpha in the house. Readers of animal psychology will understand that the higher animal - the one who is physically bigger, always gets the higher position, and the lower-ranking animal follows orders. Sleeping in the same bed crumbles this hierarchy, so the pet cannot be blamed if he does not follow orders. As insensitive as it sounds, it is important to establish who's the boss so that the pet follows orders. This, under no circumstances, indicates inflicting any kind of cruelty. It is merely a sort of relationship that must be established between owner and pet. In consequence, training your dog to sleep in his bed becomes vital.
Decide the Dog's Sleeping Space
Decide the Dog's Sleeping Space
If you've just bought a young pet, it would be sensible to train the dog to sleep in a crate at night. Observe his sleeping patterns for the first few days. Buy a crate large enough for him to stretch. Decide where he is going to sleep - beside your bed, in the hall, or somewhere in your bedroom. Place his crate at that place.
Buy a Suitable Dog Bed
Buy a Suitable Dog Bed
If the dog likes to stretch himself, buy a cushion bed. If he likes to curl up, buy a donut bed. Older dogs might require heated beds, orthopedic beds, or customized beds of proper memory foam. Even with a puppy, do not compromise on the bed quality.
Place the Bed in a Good Spot
Place the Bed in a Good Spot
Place the bed in a place where there's enough light, yet not too dark. Check the room temperature. Place some dog-friendly toys around the bed. This will make the bed more appealing.
Use Treats to Train the Dog
Use Treats to Train the Dog
Take the dog for a long walk before sleeping. Lead him to his bed after reaching home. Teach him to obey the command 'Go to your bed!', while indicating his bed. Hand him a treat when he follows the command. He will associate sleeping in his bed with the treat, and will instantly follow the command. Praise him for his good behavior. Never pick him up and place him on his bed, or else, he will associate this with negative emotions.
Be Strict When the Dog Misbehaves
Be Strict when the Dog Misbehaves
Sometimes, a dog may be stubborn and refuse to sleep, and may jump onto your bed. When he does so, gently punish him. Push him off the bed or place him beside the chair, but do not allow him anywhere else. Instead, try sitting next to his bed, invite him, play with him, cuddle him, and gently put him to sleep in his own bed. He will associate this loving ritual everyday, and sleep sincerely on his bed.
Ignore the Whining
Ignore the Whining
Sometimes, a dog gives his owner highly melting, sad looks, and whines throughout the night. Ignore the whining, as punishing or controlling him will show him that his bad behavior is getting him the desired attention. If he's a puppy though, wake up, praise him, cuddle him, and put him back to sleep. Do not yell at him; he'll whine more or get aggressive. Do not take him away from his bed either, or else he'll understand that he'll get his way every time he does so. Be gentle, but firm.
How to Introduce Your Dog to His New Bed?
If the dog bed has become old and worn-out, it's time to get your pet a new bed. But, do not expect your pet to take kindly to this change, for he is used to routine, and will find it strange to sleep in the new bed. Give him some time to get used to this bed, and follow some of these tips:

~ Make sure that the new bed is exactly the same as the one before, i.e., if it was a pillow bed, buy a pillow bed again. If it was a heated bed, buy the same thing. Bring on a sense of familiarity.
~ Place the bed in the same location.
~ Sprinkle the bed and the surroundings with the scents familiar to your pet.
~ Again, command him, praise him, and lead him to his own bed.
~ Reward him with treats and praises.
~ Place his toys in and around the bed.
~Let him know that the new bed is as good as the old one, and that is where he has to sleep. It'll take time, but he'll get used to it in a few days.
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