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How to Train Your Dog for a Dog Show

Amruta Gaikwad Nov 20, 2018
Planning to register your dog for a conformation show? Keep reading this write-up to get some useful tips for training your canine pet for the upcoming conformation show.
Dog shows are a stage where owners can flaunt the various abilities of their talented dogs. No matter what the breed you may possess, conformation shows gives the dogs a platform to execute the various skills and talent. It's a medium where many high pedigreed dogs participate to earn the level of championship.
The process of entering a conformation show isn't difficult. However, there are certain requirements that the owner must fulfill to put their dog into such an event. There are many events in which a dog can participate. Depending on the breed, talent and its skills, the owner can register the dog for agility, tracking, obedience, and many more such events.
A conformation show is not only about registering in a well-known kennel club, but also about training and perfecting the skills of your dog and making it a desirable candidate to participate in a conformation show.

Canine Training Tips For Dog Shows

There are many factors which the owner must focus on and get the dog trained as per the requirement of the event. The gait, grooming, training, and obedience are certain aspects that the dog must be qualified in to be able to participate in a conformation show. Considering these factors, here are a few techniques that might be helpful to you.

Agility Training

Agility is judged in the form of a sport, wherein the dog is trained to undergo an obstacle course. The dog is required to finish the course without being on a leash and so it needs to be trained in a manner where it has to obey its master from a distance. Agility builds the physique of the dog and even increases their stamina.
Agility training isn't difficult, especially if you the owner of a shepherd dog. In case you are interested in putting your dog in an agility program, get home agility tunnels or create a small obstacle for your dog. Remember that agility training must be done without the leash, so that the dog understands and establishes a strong bond with its master.
This training will take a lot of time and therefore you must start the process much before the actual competition. As your dog makes its way through the obstacle course, give commands such as fast, slow, up, jump, left and heel.
Whenever your dog completes the course without stumbling, shower it with its favorite treats and also take the dog for regular check ups to a reliable vet. Regular check ups can help determine the overall health of the dog, which is important for taking part in agility sport.

Obedience Training

This training has many advantages. It instills discipline and trains the skills of the dog. It involves basic training and also advanced training for conformation shows. Dog training takes plenty of time as it mainly depends on the temperament of the animal.
Some dogs have great concentration capacity, while some show reluctance in obeying. Therefore, training is always time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Some of the basic and advanced commands taught to a dog are sit, heel, come, shake, roll, growl, steady, drop, fetch and many more.
Dogs are required to stay focused and alert during conformation shows. Therefore, obedience training is essential before registering your dog for a conformation show.


Teaching the dog how you want it to walk is a difficult task. Performing gait training allows your dog to walk in a manner where the judges can watch and assess the posture and structure of the dog. The dog is supposed to trot and not pace while performing this maneuver. Keep many treats handy before starting the session with your dog.
Make sure that the dog is well settled and has caught your complete attention. Once the dog is looking at you, command it to stand and make it follow you. Try to be the lead and keep a certain distance from your dog.
After covering a certain distance, turn back and come back to the starting point. Award your dog with treats and continue practicing till the dog begins to trot on its own.
These are a few basic techniques to train your dog. However, the owner must also keep a regular check on the health of the dog, as it is one of the important factors observed in conformation shows. A well-groomed and a healthy dog always makes the best impression and is likely to win the championship.