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How to Train a Weimaraner

How to Train a Weimaraner

The Weimaraners, a breed of dog, requires a specialized training format to ensure that they turn out to be exactly how you want them to be. How does one go about it? In the following article we will look into this issue and help by providing you with tips on how to make that happen.
Rujuta Borkar
Of the silver/gray coat that shines and the forever alert eyes, the Weimaraner is one of the smartest breeds you can get for yourself. This German breed is well-known for its hunting skills and is usually trained as a guard dog for what it can do with this quality. This dog breed is highly alert and intelligent and learns anything new rather quickly. It's a strong and majestic looking dog that does well with training and takes to it quickly, if done well. Is there a need to train the Weimaraner dog? Of course, there is. How else is your pet going to learn to obey the varied commands that you want him to learn? With proper training, you can get the dog to be obedient, because without it, this breed can get a little aggressive. So what are we to do about its training? Continue reading, for more information on the same.

Training Weimaraner Dogs

It is very important that there is obedience training for Weimaraner dogs done and done well at that. But for this to happen, there have to be certain factors that have to be kept in mind and followed zealously. And by the end of it, there will be a well trained dog right there. A thumb of rule is that it is very important to start training these dogs when they are young. This will help them learn better and pick up the training tips faster. So what are the dog training tools and techniques that need to be followed?

The Need of an Alpha Leader
Before you even start out with learning the different methods of training a Weimaraner dog, one has to understand that there is a need to have one alpha leader in place. Which means that there should be one main person in charge of the training. What this does is that it allows the dog to take instructions from one person, which helps it to process, understand and learn better. If on the other hand, there is more than one person who is training the dog, the dog will face a lot of confusion. Which is what will happen, because the kind of instructions that are being given will get clashing due to the styles of commands. Thus deciding who will be in charge of instructing the dogs is the first step to making a mark (and an important one at that) in training the dog.

Get them to Socialize and Interact
The Weimaraner dog breed is an aggressive breed because it has in it the instincts to be hunting dogs. If the dogs aren't made to socialize and taught to interact with humans and other dogs, they might show traces of aggressive behavior like biting, growling or being scared of crowds. In order to ensure that they are well adjusted in society, start off when they are young and take them for regular walks to the park or the beach. This will ensure that they know what it means to be with people. This will get rid of the aggressive streak in them.

Initiating Commands
When the dog is younger, that is the time you take up the training of the different commands like 'sit', 'lie' and others that you need the dog to learn. Along with that, training for things like not climbing the furniture, not biting the cushions and the like, needs to be done. Be firm when teaching these commands. But never ever physically punish them. This will make a deeply negative impact on them that will draw their training back by many steps. This is an important step to keep in mind when learning how to train a Weimaraner dog.

Potty Training
Another important factor that makes way is how to potty train a Weimaraner dog. The deal is that getting your dog to use the outdoors for his business can get to be a very difficult and frustrating time for the owners till they have actually got the dog to learn the rules. That is why it becomes important to learn the correct methods which can be employed to get him to follow the rules you set. The Crate method is a very well-known form of getting your dog potty trained. First, you buy your dog a spacious crate that can house him comfortably even when he is fully grown. Make this area comfortable for him by putting a bedding in there. Let him get used to the place before you lock him in. When the dog needs to go, he will start whimpering or scratching on the door, that is when you let him out and direct him to the place where you want him to go. Give him a treat for when he uses your designated place. This will help him draw an association between the two acts and he will continue to use the place.

And that is all that needs to be learned when it comes to training a Weimaraner puppy. Even though starting it out young is the correct way to go about this, it does not in any way mean that you cannot train an older dog. You must follow the same methods and techniques but learn to be more patient with it.