How to Train a Shar Pei

Among the ancient dog breeds of China, the Shar Pei is well-known for its wrinkles and tongue color. Its uniquely built body ranks this breed outstanding. So, if you are bringing this Chinese breed home, or are planning to, then learn about their training methods.
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Origin of Shar Pei lies in Guangdong province of China. Earlier Shar Pei were used mainly by farmers for herding cattle and even protecting family and home. After learning about the various abilities of this breed, they began to be used for hunting games too. The dog's wrinkle coat is the striking feature, though the intensity of these folds diminish as the dog matures. However, these thick and big body wrinkles could generate fungal and bacterial infections in these dogs. This can even result into foul body odor. Therefore, the Shar Pei dog require frequent bathing and grooming to save them from such infections.
Shar Pei is a dog with huge and muscular built. Therefore, dogs with such a built require sufficient space to perform their regular stretching. Fawn, black, lilac, cream and black are the colors these dogs come in. Dogs originating from this breed, come with black/blue tongue, which is another peculiar feature in them. Shar Pei is a very serious, confident, reserved and an independent breed. Therefore, it requires training and socialization during its young age. In case of improper training or no training, the dog will become dominant, aggressive and even avoid obeying the commands. Training brings out the best in dogs and helps the dogs to recognize their true potential and ultimately prove to be great companions. Therefore, to help your little Chinese pup become an obedient and well mannered pet, take the tutorial on how to train a Shar Pei.
House Training
The dog must be able to adjust to the lifestyle of its master. Therefore, it is important to discipline it in terms of maintaining the environment. Hence, the first lesson of discipline is to potty train and teach the pup to obey certain basic commands.
Puppy potty training could be a little irksome task and time-consuming. Normally the Shar Pei pup is sensible to train itself for doing its job. However, training speeds up the process of bringing in discipline into the pup. Decide an area for your pup where you want it to defecate, and place the pup whenever you find it sniffing for the right place to do its business. The pup will soon realize the right place, to defecate and begin to obey you. Puppies tend to get distracted very quickly. Therefore, direct them with short and simple commands. sit, no, stay can be good commands to start with. These commands are simple and can quickly bring some discipline into the pup. Hence, whenever the pup misbehaves a simple and firm 'no' can stop the misbehavior.
Shar Pei are very reserved and do not easily get along with strangers. A dog with balanced temperament is loved by all. Therefore, socializing process must begin at an early age. Their independent and reserved trait will make it hard for your dog to get along with other dogs around. Therefore, when your Shar Pei is a pup, take it for a walk to the park. Make sure your Shar Pei is constantly on the leash and also protect it from other dominant dogs. Pups tend to get scared of older dominant dogs and might develop fear.
Teaching Respect
Shar Pei were created for hunting and herding purposes. Therefore, dogs of this breed are very serious, alert, confident,independent and have a very strong leadership trait. Improper obedience training can turn them into aggressive and reluctant dogs. The signs of this behavior could be, showing utter disrespect to its master. The dog will even begin to think of himself as the leader and dominate over its master. Hence, sufficient and proper training is important. As the pup matures it tends to get acquainted to many new things from its environment and even picks up the dominant behavior. Therefore, the master must be careful during the time the pup is growing. The moment the pup misbehaves, confidently and firmly say "no". This will automatically generate some respect in the pup and eventually it will understand that its owner is the leader.
These were a few tips on training Shar Pei pup, which can help you get started with the disciplining process. This breed is very independent and loves being a family dog. Only the best training and care can turn your little Shar Pei into a complete, ideal dog.
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