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How to Train a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite

How to Train a Pit Bull Puppy Not to Bite

Pit bulls are known to be ferocious animals, and if you have it as a pet, then owners would want to know how to train this dangerous little puppy so that it doesn't bite people around it. Let's see what can be done...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
People who want to buy pit bulls, but are afraid of the rumors surrounding their behavior shouldn't worry. They are loving dogs and are excellent protectors of family. However, it can't be denied that pit bulls were originally bred by people for hunting and dog fighting. Still many people do buy them for their homes and family safety. A pit bull can easily get adapted to its surroundings and not cause any chaos if the owner has trained the dog properly since it was a puppy. Pit bulls are caring but they can be very viscous to strangers or even guests coming into the house. Hence, it is advised that pit bulls owners should train their dog from the beginning so that it doesn't become a menace to the society.

How to Train a Pit Bull Puppy to Stop Biting

These dogs are famous for their aggressive and notorious nature. They have a high prey instinct and are no different than dogs like bloodhounds and rottweilers. As mentioned above, they were created for fighting and hunting but with proper training, care and love they can be raised to be excellent family dogs. Often pit bulls are criticized by the media and other uninformed people for being a human attacker. This is not right and with proper training even a pit bull can be made into a loving and caring family pet. Here are some pointers on how to train a pit bull puppy not to bite.

Be Firm While Training
It is very necessary that the owner remains firm while giving commands. If the owner is not firm in his/her speech while giving instructions, the dog is bound to get confused and misinterpret. This is very true in the case of pit bulls as they are very loyal animals and do exactly as they are told. If the dog does something wrong or unnatural it is very important for the owner to show his/her displeasure so that the dog never repeats the mistake again.

The Owner is the Boss
The second the pit bull pup steps into the house, the owner has to make sure that the dog knows who's the real owner. While feeding the dog it is important that the owner feeds it from his/her hand when it is young. This way the dog can recognize the smell of the owner and understand that he/she is the provider. The owner should never let the dog walk ahead of him/her and make sure the pup walks beside or behind the owner. Show the pup that you are leader and lead the way.

React When the Puppy Bites
When the pup starts getting its teeth it is natural that on some occasions it is going to bite the owner and people around. If that happens the owner should move away that instant and ignore the dog for a little while. Pit bulls normally love human company but this new behavior of the owner is bound to create some impact on the mind of the dog and it would be more careful about the biting next time.

Appreciation is Necessary
Looking at the different behavior of the owner, the pit bull slowly realizes the impact of its actions. A thoughtful owner always shows his/her pup appreciation and love. The owner has to be patient while training a young dog and not get angry on small things. Always remember that this is an animal and not a human, it will surely understand but will take some time.

Pit bulls tend to be very dominant by nature so it is very necessary that they receive firm training from the start. The owner has to show the puppy who's in charge or he/she may raise a pit bull who doesn't listen to anyone. This can make training a little bit tough. When puppies are going to through their teething stage their biting is inevitable. During such times provide the animal with lots of chew toys otherwise the pup is going to chew up the furniture and shoes.