How to Train a Jack Russell Terrier

If you are looking for ways to train a Jack Russell Terrier, this article lists all the tips and techniques which would be helpful in training this high energy dog...
DogAppy Staff
People who have recently purchased a Jack Russell Terrier need to know that they have bought a huge bundle of energy. Yes, the dog looks small in size but they are very smart and have a very strong will. Highly independent in nature, this free-willed behavior dog can make its owner's life extremely happy or extremely miserable. It was first bred in the 19th century by John Russell for small hunting game and chasing away foxes. As the Jack Russell Terrier was first originally bred as a hunting dog, this trait of chasing animals away is found in these dogs till today.
Training a Jack Russell Terrier
The cute and expressive face of a Jack Russell Terrier is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this dog. The high energy of this dog also makes it a perfect pet for TV shows and films. However, if the owner has not trained it properly, there is a higher chance that the dog will start behaving like the leader and cause a lot of chaos. This section on how to train a Jack Russell Terrier teaches owners to have better control over their pet terrier.
Be Firm
This dog breed is known to be quite intelligent and understanding but the biggest problems which most owners face is adjusting to their nature and bringing it under control. Sometimes training a Jack Russell Terrier becomes impossible because of its habits. Even if the owner has trained the dog perfectly and it obeys each and every command of its owner, there is always a high chance that the dog will again turn into a rebel. By conducting professional and disciplined training sessions, it is possible to change this rebellious behavior of the Russell Terrier for good. Patience and lots of time have to be given to the dog as they take a lot of time to follow commands from someone else. Once the dog knows who is the owner it is going to be remain loyal and faithful for its entire life.
Understanding Basic Behavior
Before purchasing or adopting a dog it is essential to understand the basic nature of the breed. In the case of Jack Russell Terriers, the owners should be familiar with its strong hunting instincts and it is quite natural that it will chase small animals and be aggressive towards strangers coming near its family. It is very important to keep the Jack Russell Terrier securely on a leash when the dog is taken outside for a stroll. Owners who have lawns in the backyard should secure them properly to prevent escapes. Jack Russell Terriers love to dig, so it is advised not to leave the dog alone in the lawn for more than 10 minutes. It is advised that other pets should not be kept in the same house with this dog, as there are high chances that the Jack Russell Terrier will try to hunt them down.
To make sure the Jack Russell Terrier is not aggressive towards other animals, it is advised that you make the dog socialize with other animals from a young age. As Russell Terriers are very active in nature, it is very important that these dogs get their desired play time. Human interaction is essential for these dogs so that they can be comfortable around people. If the owner still faces problems handling the temperament of the Jack Russell Terrier, it is never too late to call a professional. Jack Russell Terriers are not a good choice of pets for the first time buyers. These dogs are very well suited for owners who have had experienced in handling pets.