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How to Take Care of Beagle Puppies

How to Take Care of Beagle Puppies
This article deals with the various aspects of beagle puppy care. Read on, if you are planning to bring home a pet beagle pup.
Sonia Nair
Once you decide to adopt a pet dog, the very next thing is to choose the one that is best suited for your requirements. Various factors have to be taken into consideration, before choosing the right pet dog. This includes your requirements and the essentials of specific dog breeds. Once you select a specific breed, try to understand more about the chosen dog breed. Before bringing the puppy home, you must gain a basic understanding about how to take care of that particular dog breed.
As far as family dogs are concerned, beagles are among the most sought-after breeds. They are found to be intelligent, gentle and loving. These fun-loving dogs enjoy human company and are found to be excellent with kids. They get along well with other dogs and even other pets (if properly trained). Another plus point of beagles is that they are small to medium in size and are easy to groom too. However, proper beagle puppy training is a must, as they can be stubborn and disobey the owner at times. They can also be extremely mischievous. Besides that, as in case of any other puppy, beagle puppies too require some basic care.
Beagle Puppy Care
Beagles are adored for their cute looks and gentle disposition. If you are also smitten by their charm, then get a beagle puppy from a reputed breeder. It is advisable to bring one that is more than eight weeks old. Before bringing the puppy home, make sure that you have a fair idea about taking care of beagle puppies in the right way.
  • Before bringing the puppy home, make a list of things that will be required by the pet. This include dog bed, water and food bowl, grooming accessories (brush, comb, nail clippers, conditioner, puppy shampoo, toothpaste, etc.), harness and tag, toys (including snugly and chewy ones), puppy food, etc.
  • As beagles are infamous for escapes, you have to keep the doors and gates closed. When you take the dog out, it must be always kept on a leash. You must also make sure to fence the yard, so that the dog cannot escape.
  • Another point is to take enough precautions, before you bring the puppy home. Remove all those articles that can pose the danger of choking, if swallowed by the puppy. Any other thing (like dangling wires), that can be dangerous for the puppy should be removed.
  • As far as puppy food is concerned, you must act as per the instructions of the breeder. Continue with the food that has been provided by the breeder. Introducing new food at this stage may lead to a stomach upset. You may later change the food, as per the vet's instructions.
  • One of the important aspects of beagle puppy care is to take it to the vet for vaccinations, as soon as possible. You must follow the vet's instructions with regard to the vaccinations required by the puppy. The vet will also prescribe other medication for preventing certain medical conditions that these dogs are prone too.
  • Though frequent washing is not required, brushing must be done almost daily. Use a hound glove for this purpose, as this will remove the shed hair. A flea comb will be useful for removing dirt and fleas (if any) from the coat. Along with brushing, make sure to wipe their ears and eyes.
  • As mentioned above, one of the most important aspects of beagle puppy care is proper training. Potty training must be started from the very first day. Obedience training is a must, as these dogs can be stubborn. Be patient and refrain from punishments, while training them. You can train the dog with small treats and rewards.
  • It will be a good idea to enroll your puppy in an obedience class. This will help your puppy to socialize with other dogs. Beagles are active as well as energetic and they require regular exercise. You must take the dog out for short walks daily. As they love the company of family members, you must spend some time with the dog. If possible, avoid leaving the puppy alone in the house, at least during the initial days.
It is always advisable to gain thorough knowledge about the different ways to care for a beagle puppy, before you bring one to your home. Apart from satisfying the requirements of the puppy, you must try to train them at a very young age. So, why wait? Get your beagle puppy and enjoy its company!