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How to Stop Dogs from Fighting

Rave Uno May 13, 2019
Bar fights, game fights, street fights, all such physical forms of aggression involve humans. What do you do in a dog fight, i.e. a fight between two dogs? Read this story to learn how to stop and separate two dogs in a dog fight, without getting injured yourself.
Picture the following scene: you are walking your dog on a leash in your local park. It is a nice sunny day, other people, children and animals are around. You are just turning around to head home, when out of nowhere, another dog comes out and starts snarling and growling at your pet.
Your pet can either snarl back and raise its hackles or stand down and tug on the leash to get away. Either way, the canine opponent isn't willing to back down and suddenly lunges at your pet. Soon both dogs are engaged in a no-holds-barred contest of teeth, jaws and paws, each trying to bite the other to death. And what are you doing?
You can't call the police for two dogs fighting. Interfere in such a fight and you will walk away with the most scars and injuries.
The other dog's owner stands by, equally helpless. Any animal attack is frightening but when your beloved pet's life hangs in the balance, you want to save it but the question is how?
Such aggressive dog behavior can also be a result of your pooch challenging another dog. In case of a canine fight, your first instinct is to run to your pet's aid and pull the other dog off him/her. Tamp down on this instinct and read on to learn the correct way to stop a dog fight.

Dos and Don'ts to Stop Dogs from Fighting

Do not grab each dog by the collar and try to pull them apart. This will not stop the dogs, rather they will turn on you and attack you. A dog in an attacking frenzy cannot differentiate between owner and foe and will lash out at any interference.
Do not try to break up the fight by putting yourself in the middle or try pulling just your dog away from the other dog. This will just anger the dogs further and you can get very serious injuries from coming in between.
Seek help. Do not try to stop a dog fight on your own. If the other dog's owner is around, calm him/her down and work together. If they are standing around in shock, get someone else to help you. Throwing sticks and stones at the dog will not help.
Try to dump cold water, like from a hose or jet or a large bucket on the fighting dogs. The greater the force of the water, the more effective it is in shocking the dogs. Or you can throw a rag soaked with ammonia on their noses. This can break up the fight.
Do not waste time screaming or shouting at the dogs. In the heat of a fight, a dog will ignore commands and shouts; his/her focus is solely on the attacker. So all your verbal threats and entreaties or screams and shrieks makes no effect on the fighting dogs.
Do not use stun guns, cattle prods or electric guns to shock the dogs into submission. A stun gun can be used to shock one dog but its effect is only temporary. The dog feels the pain and regards the attacking dog as its source. So it increases the viciousness of its attack.

How to Stop a Dog Fight With Some Help

  • Each person should grab the hind feet of the each dog.
  • Make sure your hands and legs are far away from the head and teeth of any of the fighting dogs.
  • Pick up the hind feet of the dog and elevate them like you would hold a wheelbarrow.
  • Then pull the dogs apart from each other.
  • With their feet immobilized, the dogs will just snarl and try to lunge at each other. They will use all their strength to break free. Hold on tight.
  • Do not let go, no matter what. You need to turn to swing the dog in a circle while backing away from the other dog.
  • Swing in a circle so that the dog does not curl back and bite you.
  • Back and circle away, put some distance between you and the other dog.
  • Enclose or confine the dog in another room or a kennel. The dog might hurry back to restart the fight or might attack you out of anger, so quickly confine it and leave it alone for sometime.

How to Stop a Dog Fight on Your Own

  • This is a very tricky situation and you may end up getting bitten, so be careful.
  • Use a leash or a thick rope.
  • Approach the more violent of the two dogs.
  • Be careful of your hands and feet.
  • Try to loop the rope into the dog's collar or tie it around its belly.
  • Back away slowly and drag the rope, tie it somewhere tightly. One dog is now anchored.
  • Now pull the hind legs of the second dog apart and pull the two dogs apart. Since one dog is anchored, it will not be able to attack you.
  • Use the circle method to drag the other dog away and confine it.
  • If one dog is locked onto the other dog's leg or body part, then use a steel rod or a stick and pry the dog's jaws open to let go.
After a violent dog fight, it is best to leave the area with your dog. Avoid chastising or beating the dog immediately after a fight. After such an encounter, the dog may turn on you. His/hers fighting spirit needs to cool down.
If you or anyone else has been injured in the course of such a fight, please seek medical attention immediately. Any puncture wounds or scratches or small bites should be checked out for signs of infection. If you are unable to stop a dog fight through these methods, do not risk your life and limb by physically interfering.