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How to Potty Train a Dog

Sonia Nair Nov 5, 2018
Proper potty training is an important aspect, as far as raising a pet dog is concerned. Here are some tips for the same.
Potty training is one of the basics of house training your puppy. It is always better to start such training when they are young. A puppy can be trained easily, when compared to an adult dog.
Even though the duration of potty training may vary from one dog to another, it depends on your consistent and sincere efforts too. It is your responsibility as a pet owner, to train your dog properly.

Tips to Potty Train a Dog Fast

So, the golden rule is to start as early as possible. Otherwise, the dog will respond to the nature's call and spoil your house. You will get frustrated with the regular cleaning sessions. You may not find any result, even if you yell at the dog or punish him.
You must understand that no dog is born well-trained; and it is you, the pet owner, who is responsible for potty training the pet dog. You may adopt any of the following methods for this purpose.

Newspaper Method

Train your dog to relieve himself on newspaper spread on a specific area. You must try to discern the behavior of your pet, before he relieves himself. Dogs often relieve themselves after eating. Usually, they sniff the floor and get restless. So, if you notice such cues, guide the puppy to an area spread with newspaper, so that he can do the task.
You may use certain words like "go potty"; every time, you take the dog to that place. Praise the dog and give him a treat, if he relieves himself on the newspaper. Replace the soiled paper with clean ones, after every use. For the first few days, retain a slightly soiled paper, so that the puppy can identify the spot.
Plan a schedule for potty training the dog. The frequency of bathroom breaks can be calculated on the basis of the puppy's ability to control his bladder. It is considered as one hour for every month of age.
Take the dog to the area, at least once in every two hours, if the puppy is six to eight weeks old. If it is three to four months, once in every three to four hours will be sufficient. If you want to shift the potty area outdoors, move the newspaper everyday; so that gradually, it is outside the door, and is placed in the area that is meant for the purpose.
Once the dog gets adjusted to this, you can do away with the newspaper. In case of any accident, don't punish the dog. Clean the area with a disinfectant containing odor neutralizers.

Bell Method

Bells and clickers are often used for training dogs. They can be used for potty training too. One way is to make the dog enjoy the sound of the clicker, and reward him with a treat, if he responds to the clicking sound.
Once he starts linking the clicking sound to rewards, you can start using clickers in puppy potty training. Take the dog to the area that is meant for excretion, and ask him to 'go potty'. If the dog does it, reward him with a treat and a clicking sound. You may also use a bell for this purpose.
You may buy 'poochie bells' from pet stores. Tie the bell to the door, through which you take the dog outside for potty. As you open and close the door, the bells will ring. Gradually the animal starts linking the ringing of bells to potty time, and he may start moving the bells, whenever he needs to answer the nature's call.

Crate Method

You may use a crate to potty train a dog. Such crates can be bought in different sizes and models. Get a crate that is big enough for the dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.
Once the dog identifies the crate as his shelter, he may not want to spoil it. It is the natural instinct of dogs to keep their bedding and immediate surroundings clean. So, he will hold the instinct to relieve himself inside the crate, till you take him out for the same.
If you are living in an apartment, and want to raise a puppy; then, the newspaper method is considered the best. You may also try an indoor dog potty that is available in pet stores.
You may choose any of the methods for this purpose, but the main factor is consistency. Make sure to establish a routine, with fixed timings for feeding and potty. These puppy potty training tips may prove helpful for you in this task. Otherwise, you may seek the help of a dog trainer for training your puppy.