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How to Potty Train a Basset Hound

How to Potty Train a Basset Hound
Basset hounds are considered to be stubborn and difficult to train. Here is an article for pet owners on how to provide potty training to these adorable dogs.
Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
Bassets Hounds
Getting a pet basset hound home is a lot of responsibility. The pet owner's actual job begins after the pet comes home. A lot of training is required to teach the pup right manners. It is often said that basset hounds are very stubborn and difficult to potty train, but if the pet owner is patient and consistent, his pet definitely learns the right way of doing things. People have many things to say about potty training a basset hound, but the owner has to decide which method is the best to train his pup and use it. It is to be kept in mind that potty training a pet basset is not a day's work. You need to put in a lot of effort and have a lot of patience as it requires a significant time period.
Basset Hound Potty Training
Decide the Spot
You have to first decide the place where you want your basset hound to do his business. If you have a backyard, select a spot which will be easily accessible to the pet and easy for you to clean. Make the choice carefully as you have to take your pet there every single time it wants to urinate. If you live in an apartment, choose a place or a corner where your basset hound can relieve itself. You can set up a litter tray at this place so that you don't have to take your dog out, each time it wants to defecate.
Start Early
Potty training should be started the moment you get your pet basset hound home. Most dogs feel the urge to urinate after a car drive. So if you have brought your pet in a car, the first thing you have got to do is, take it to a designated place to pee. This can be done by putting him on leash and taking him to the area. Do not leave your pet dog without a leash or else it will simply run around the yard and create a mess.
Observe Body Language
Basset hounds perform specific activities just before they urinate like walking around in circles, sniffing, scratching the floor, etc. Check for your pet dog's specific body language so that each time it needs to go to the toilet , you know about it and take it to the right spot. Taking the basset repeatedly to a fixed spot will help it to relate that place to a toilet, and this will make it realize where to go each time the need arises.
Use a Command or Signal
Training bassets through commands and signals is another way of teaching them right ways of conduct. Use a specific command like "hurry up" each time your dog defecates or urinates. Constant use of these commands will help the basset to relate the command with potty time and it will start responding to it as time goes by. Once it starts associating the two things, the next time you use the command, it knows what you are talking about. You can also put a bell in the house and train your basset to ring it each time it needs to pee. If you are successful in providing this training, you will surely be relieved from a lot of stress as you will know when your pet needs to go out.
Set a Time
Puppies need to pee almost every hour while adult dogs take longer. When you bring your basset home, I am sure, it is going to be a pup. So, take it out for a walk every hour so that it can pee outside the house without making the house dirty. Set up a schedule and follow it religiously. If you have a set schedule for your basset, it will try to hold itself till you take it out for the next round.
Maintain Cleanliness
Even though you are training your dog, there will be several instances when your pet will pee in the house or some other area. To prevent this from happening again, you need to clean the area with an enzyme-based cleaner so that the strong odor of its urine is removed. Dogs have the tendency to sniff traces of feces and urine so as to identify the right place to urinate. Hence, it is important to remove all the traces of previous incidences.
Like you do, even your basset hound loves being appreciated. Every time your pet relieves itself in the designated area, don't forget to praise it. You can also give it a treat so that it knows that each time it follows the training, it will be awarded a treat. Basset hounds also love to see their owners happy, so never fail to express yourself and they will never let you down.
Potty training dogs takes time. As an owner, you have to be extremely patient and ready to sacrifice your afternoon naps for teaching your dog the right ways. Even though it can be tiring at times, never lose your temper or punish your pet for peeing at the wrong place. Every dog has it own pace of learning, and showering anger will not make it easy. Therefore, give a lot of love to your basset hound and put in the right effort, so that you never have to worry about potty training your pet in the future.