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How to Make Your Dog Smell Good

Sonu S May 13, 2019
Here's some information for all those dog lovers out there, who cannot fully enjoy the company of their beloved pets, as their dog smells really bad. Read on, to find ways to make your dog smell good.
No one likes a smelly dog. It might sound like an exaggeration to a few people, but we feel that the smell of your dog is the smell of your home. Once your dog starts stinking, everything in your home starts smelling bad, including you! So, it is very important that you make sure that your dog smells good.

Making Your Dog Smell Good

It is not as difficult as you think it is, but you cannot do it in a hurry. It will take time, but once you are done, you will have a pleasant smelling dog. Let us take a look at ways on how to make your dog smell good.

Inspect Your Dog

Most of the people skip this part. It is very important to inspect your dog before you bathe him. Examine him thoroughly for any foul-smelling stuff that is stuck to his body, and also see whether he has some skin allergy. In addition to this, check for infections in the eyes and the ears, and finally check for bad breath.

Dealing With the Odor

Once you have found the cause for the bad smell, it is time for you to deal with it.
If Your Dog is Dirty
If you conclude that your dog is smelling bad, just because he is dirty, or because he has some poop on him, then waste no more time, it is time for you to bathe him. Hose your dog.
See that you remove all the dirt (check for dirt between his toes too). Then apply some dog shampoo on him (just be careful that the shampoo does not enter his eyes), and then rinse him thoroughly. Once you are done with this, dry him using a towel or a dog drier (or both). After all the water on his body has dried up, he surely won't be smelling bad.
If Your Dog has a Skin Allergy
Skin allergies can be a cause of major concern with respect to your dog's health, and can be a reason behind a bad smelling dog.
When a dog has a skin allergy, his body over secretes oils, thus causing a foul odor. So, if your dog shows symptoms of a skin allergy, then you should take him to the vet immediately. After he gets rid of the skin allergy, he will not be smelling bad.
If Your Dog Has a Bad Breath
One of the major reasons why a dog does not smell good is his bad breath. So, you should always take care of your dog's dental hygiene. You will easily get a dog toothpaste and a dog brush in the market. Buy them, and brush your dog's teeth.
Repeat the brushing at least twice a week. If you notice that a particular type of food is causing bad breath in your dog, then do not feed him that food.
If Nothing Works
You might face a situation where nothing seems to work on your dog. In this case, take him to a vet, as the reason for the offensive odor might be a health problem, or may be there is some problem with his anal sacs. Whatever be the case, a vet will obviously have a solution for it. Your dog would be completely fine after the treatment.
To keep your dog smelling good, it is important to groom him well. You'll find an array of dog-grooming products in the market, you can use them on your dog (if your dog is allergic to a particular product, stop using it). You can try using baby wipes, baking soda or baby powder so that your dog smells good and remember to brush and bathe him regularly.