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How to Make Dog Beds

How to Make Dog Beds
One important aspect when it comes to dog care is its bedding. There are different kinds of beds available in the market, but making one on your own is a good idea too. Here's some help...
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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2019
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Dogs are said to be human being's best friend, and it is our duty to administer proper care to them. Making a cozy bed for the beloved canine to cower in is the least we can do. Here is a guide that will make your quest much easier.
Making a Dog Bed
Procedure 1
  • The materials you will require are fabric, batting, scissors, measuring tape, straight pins, and a sewing machine.
  • Measure the height of your dog when it is sleeping. For a medium-sized dog, this measurement will be around 4 feet.
  • The actual procedure starts by gathering all the materials required. Any kind of washable fabric is suitable for making the bed. If you want, you can use different colors, like contrasting colors, or you can also use a color which matches the color of the fur of your dog.
  • According to the size of your dog, cut two pieces of fabric.
  • Now, fold the loft batting such that it becomes thick enough. Cut them in such a way that it is a couple of inches less than the size of the fabric.
  • The next step is to pin the side of the fabric. Pin up only three sides. Follow the lines of the fabric which have been pined, and sew the three lines.
  • Now, cut the corners of the fabric. This will help in giving a neat look to the fabric.
  • Roll the batting and insert it in the fabric through the open side. After you have inserted the batting, carefully unroll it and smoothen it out.
  • Pin the side of the fabric which is still open, and sew that side. This bed is suitable for different types of dogs.
Procedure 2
  • The materials you will require are plastic grocery bags, a pillow case, and string.
  • The plastic grocery bags will work as a padding for the bed. Fill in the pillow case with enough of plastic grocery bags, which will ensure the much required comfort.
  • After filling the pillow case, tie a string to the open end. This readies your homemade dog bed.
Procedure 3
  • The main material which is required for making a dog bed using this procedure is paper. Other materials required are a pillow case, string, tub (optional), and a sewing needle.
  • Now, stuff the pillow case with maximum amount of paper. With a needle and string, stitch the open end of the pillow case.
  • If you want to wash this bed, you can simply remove the paper from inside and wash the fabric. The next time you can either insert the same paper or another one.
Making a Dog Bed Cover
The process of making a dog bed cover is easy. The materials you will require are fabric, thread, and a zipper. The color of the fabric can be the one which matches the color of your dog's fur. Measure the size of your dog bed, and accordingly cut the fabric. The fabric cut should be 3 inches more in height and width than the bed.
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If the bed is round, then cut the fabric accordingly. A round bed is mostly preferred for small dogs. The next step is to stitch the fabric from three sides. Then cover the bed with this cover. After this, the final step is to stitch the side which is open. The bed cover is optional.