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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

How to keep your dog healthy? This question is the first one in the mind of every dog owner and this article shares the secret of having a healthy pet at home.
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Eating unhealthy foods and not working out is not only bad for humans it is also bad for dogs. If your dog is not fed healthy food and is just lazing around the house 24/7, it is going to get sick. Dogs are very dear to their owners, most of them treat them as their own family members. So to ensure that your dog doesn't become weak and becomes a victim to all the dog illnesses in the air there are some things which dog owners need to follow.

Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

Watching and taking care of dogs is just like taking care of your own children. These cute pets require constant love and care of their masters and if you want them to live a long and happy life, implementing the following ideas to keep your pet dog healthy is the perfect thing to do.

Healthy Food
To be healthy, dogs needs to have good food. Nutrition is of utmost importance when you talk about leading a healthy lifestyle. The dog's diet is of prime importance as it is responsible for its proper growth and overall development. Feed the dog only FDA approved dog food brands and make sure the dog does not eat chocolates and oily food. Consumption of such unhealthy foods may make the dog overweight. Always keep a close watch on the physical appearance of the dog, check its coat, its eyes, its teeth, its weight and the energy level.

All dog owners should take their dogs to the vet after regular intervals. It is important that the pet receives the recommended vaccines at a young age so that it can be protected against a variety of diseases. Make sure you go to a vet who is experienced and is friendly with your pet.

Regular Exercise
No one wants a lethargic and a downcast dog. Healthy food will not make the dog healthy until the animal doesn't get its regular dose of exercise. Taking your dog for long walks daily is great exercise for the animal. Let your dog play with other canines in the neighborhood, mixing with other dogs is considered healthy. Playing catch with your dog is a refreshing exercise. You can also teach the dog some tricks of your own, this will make your pet strong and flexible. If you reside in an urban area where there's a shortage of parks and play areas, you can buy a dog treadmill to ensure your pet gets enough exercise.

Make Your Home Safe
It is important that you provide an animal safe environment for your pet. Never leave knives or sharp tools on the floor or anywhere where your pet dog can reach it. It is important that you make your home safe for your pet. If your pet dog is living in his own kennel on your lawn, make sure that there are no protruding nails.

The Teeth
Have you recently smelled your dog's breath? If you found it weird then it is time that you have a closer look at your dog's teeth and diet. When your dog's teeth and gums get attacked by tartar your canine can get very sick. So take the necessary precautions before it is too late, brush your dog's teeth and gums properly and give them an oral and dental rinse. You can also fix an appointment with a dog grooming center that specializes in maintaining the hygiene of your dog's teeth.

Parasitic Infections
Fleas, ticks, tapeworms and mites easily make your dog's body their home. Their dwelling can cause skin infections, hair loss and various types of allergies for dogs. Not administering proper medical care may result in serious health conditions for your beloved pet. Hence it's good to check your dog's hair now and then.

Unconditional Love
This is one thing that you can do anytime you want, give your dog your unconditional love and support. Make sure your dog is happy with the way you treat it. Pat the animal on the back if it did something good and have control over if it is taking undue advantage. Giving your dog presents now and then is also a good idea to show your love. Surprising it with a bone or a new collar is a great idea.

I hope this article has answered your question on how to keep your dog healthy. Just follow the above given steps and your dog will live happily for many years to come and fill your heart with lots of happy memories.
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