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How to Groom a Yorkie

How to Groom a Yorkie
Is your yorkie giving you trouble in grooming? We are here to help you tame the cute, little monster.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Yorkie, whose good name is Yorkshire terrier, is famous for its adventurous nature and towering personality! I remember my old neighbor having a yorkie as his pet. In the initial days, the dog's attitude was very aggressive towards me, but as we became familiar with each other, he mellowed down and was lovable! This dog was very fond of children and oldies, but was very conscious of the presence of other dogs around. He also used to get very angry if he was not treated with respect, or if he was not cared for.
Once this neighbor of mine kept his yorkie at my place for 7 long days, as he had gone somewhere. I was too lazy to give him a bath, forget grooming; so were other members in my house. And you know what, when my neighbor came back, he didn't recognize his pet! The reason, you ask? No grooming for 7 days! Obviously, it was not my fault, but I did learn a lesson that day―ugly and shaggy dog looks horrible!
Grooming a Yorkie
Before you begin, make sure you carry your little one's favorite food or toy with you. It will be of great help in the 'war-like' task that grooming is. So, let's begin
1. Regular Bath: Considering that this breed is playful, a daily bath just cannot be avoided! Experts though recommend that you give him a bath at least once in a week. You will require a towel and some gentle dog soap. Keep your yorkie in the washroom or wash basin. It is best to start with the feet. Clean them thoroughly. Be lovable and keep talking to him, and treat him with the food in between. Next proceed to the ears, eyes, and rest of the body. Be gentle while you massage and don't lose your patience. After the bath, keep him on the table and dry his body with a towel. You might experience trouble if you are a new owner, but with time, the dog would love the whole experience of bathing.
2. Cleaning the Silky Coat: If your yorkie's best asset is his silky coat of hair, you should take all the effort to keep it tangle free. Use a good shampoo; there are many shampoos in the store that are specifically developed for dogs. Don't use your own hair cleaner. It can be harmful for him. Apply the shampoo using lukewarm water and clean the hair in the downward direction. Let the shampoo stay for a few minutes and then rinse it out with water. You can use a diluted conditioner to improve the feel of coat. Allow him to dry on his own for some time. After he has dried, use a metal comb, with broad bristles, to groom the coat.
3. Cleaning His Teeth: Clean his teeth daily. You can use any pet toothbrush and a doctor recommended toothpaste to keep his teeth white and shining. Be gentle, but ensure that you clean the teeth thoroughly.
Some Grooming Tips
  • Brush his coat twice daily; this will remove the dust and other unwanted foreign particles.
  • Generally, a yorkie has long-hair coat or carries the cottony-cropped look; whatever be the style, get him a haircut every week.
  • Before you proceed with him to the bathtub, make sure you have cleared all the mats and tangles in his hair.
  • It is better to clean his face with a sponge, as it will ensure that water doesn't enter his nose.
  • Some dogs tear a lot. Make sure you clean his eye corners daily to remove the staining.
  • Don't use cotton swabs or q-tips to clean his ears. Sprinkle some powder in his ears. Consult a veterinarian if you notice any foul smell coming from his ears.
  • Cut the toe nails carefully; at least, once in a week.
  • Remember, cleanliness has to be maintained to keep the dog healthy. Make sure you check for fleas and ticks regularly. A single tick can ruin your dog's coat and skin.
  • Take your pet yorkie to the veterinarian once in a month. For grooming, you can also consult a professional groomer.
Don't be lazy in the grooming routine for your dog. As I had mentioned, people feel like running away from a dirty dog. So keep your little angel well-groomed and keep his list of admirers growing!
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