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How to Groom a Border Collie

How to Groom a Border Collie

Grooming a Border Collie means taking care of its physical appearance by practicing hygienic activities. Maintaining the texture of its fur is one of the most important aspects of its grooming. Keep reading to know more...
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A Border Collie is the most popular of all the Collie breeds, and is generally tamed for herding livestock and poultry. They are acquainted with staying in an environment where they are able to utilize their higher faculties or else they tend to become depressed. They are blessed with intelligence, agility and superb intuitive power, for which they are also kept as watchdogs. While taming a Border Collie, you must provide it with an environment that will allow it to stay energetic. Understanding their temperament is also an important factor to consider. However, the grooming techniques imply an entirely different meaning. Grooming a Border Collie entails taking care of its requirements that retain the beauty of its physical appearance. Here, we provide you some tips on how to groom a Border Collie.

Border Collie Grooming Tips

You have to give considerable attention to this playful dog breed to keep it well-groomed. Taking care of its health and appearance should be your primary concern. Along with this, indulge yourself in playful activities, if you are not using it for the purpose of herding. Being naturally fresh and attractive, they are often showcased at dog shows.
  • When you have brought a little puppy to your home, keeping it clean and training it to practice hygienic habits are some of your major responsibilities. Bathing the puppy at least thrice a week during summers is needed to keep it clean. Dry its body with a soft towel. Moreover, you also have to train it to keep its niche clean, so that it stays healthy.
  • Secondly, you have to understand the texture of its coat. Border Collies are endowed with two types of coats, viz, coarse and thick, and fine and short. If the texture of your pet's coat is coarse, then you have to brush it at least twice a day to avoid tangles and mats.
  • While brushing its hair during shedding seasons, you should use an extremely soft bristled brush. A broad brush is always preferred for thick hair. Silky hair is easy to manage, and you can easily comb it with any type of brush. Make sure you brush its hair in the direction of its growth, to make it look smooth and uniform.
  • You have to dedicate at least 15 minutes for combing its hair. Use a broad tooth comb for the first round, and then use a sleek brush for achieving uniformity in hair. Move the brush gradually to prevent additional hair loss. You can sprinkle a little water while combing for maintaining the direction of natural growth. Take extra care while combing its hair around the neck and ear.
  • You will come across different types of shampoos at pet care shops that would suit your Border Collie. You can choose one after checking its composition and ingredients that will be suitable for your pet. You also need to buy a good quality conditioner to apply on its coat after shampooing. Apply it smoothly over its coat, including its legs and tail. Rinse it with water and ensure that no traces have been left behind.
  • You must check for mats, that more often appears in their fur due to negligence. The fur gets entangled and it becomes knotted which is very difficult to get rid of. Its neck, tail and ears are more prone to get affected with mats. Therefore, you have to pay special attention to these parts. Mat splitters are available at pet care shops that help eliminate mats easily. You can also use a pair of scissors to trim the affected area, if the mat is too strong to be removed by a splitter.
  • Clean its ears gently with pure cotton balls and ensure that they are free from mites, ticks and fleas. Make sure that there's no water seepage into the ears while bathing it. You can flap the ears gently after bathing and dry it with a soft towel.
  • Accumulation of dirt in nails might cause health disorders. Thus, you need to trim its nails from time to time. Purchase a good quality dog nail clipper for cutting its nails. You need to place its claw on your palm and gently trim the growing tips. Wash the nails with an antiseptic soap to keep it clean.
A little bit of care would restore its natural beauty, and your pet will also look attractive. Engage yourself in playful activities with your pet to keep it energetic and fresh in your company.
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