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How to Get Rid of Dog Worms

How to Get Rid of Dog Worms

Getting rid of worms in dogs is not that tough as there are several medications which help kill these parasites. This article provides tips on how to get rid of dog worms and the symptoms of the same.
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
If you see little creatures wriggling around near the bottom or in the stools of your dog, then it's a sure sign that your pet is infested with roundworms. You need to take immediate care of your dog, or else the problem can multiply over time. Worm infestation is a common health problem with most dogs, if not all. Hence, it's very important that you check their stools often. There are some worms like hookworms which can't be seen, and they can be very dangerous. There are several symptoms which you can look out for to take preventive measures.


There are several types of worms which can live in the body of a dog, but the most common ones are roundworms, hookworm, tapeworm, and ringworm. Of these, roundworm is the most common and as per experts, this type of worm can be found in newborn puppies. If your pet has a potbellied appearance of late which is accompanied by vomiting, it may mean that there are worms in its system. Moreover, your dog will lose weight rapidly even though it eats well. The main reason for this is that the nutrients, which otherwise should go into your pet's system, are consumed by the worms. This in turn leads to poor growth and over time, your dog may lose its appetite to eat. You may also notice worms in the feces of your pet or around their anus. Some of the other symptoms of worms in dogs include dehydration and diarrhea.

Treatment Methods

There is nothing to worry about a dog worm infestation as there are several medications available, even over the counter. Ask for de-worming medications like albendazole or mebendazole which help in getting rid of dog worms. This problem mostly arises in pups, and once they grow up they form a natural resistance to worms, so in the long run there is nothing to worry. However, there are some preventive measures which you need to take so that your pet gets rid of these pests in the first place.

Whenever you have a newborn puppy, get it the necessary de-worming shot as soon as possible (preferably within six weeks). This will help stop the worm infestation. Usually puppies get these worms from their mothers. So, they should be taken care of during the early stages of their life. Moreover, you need to make sure that you keep your pet away from fleas. Fleas are one of the commonest carriers of worms, especially tapeworm, so you can purchase a flea spray to keep them away (but make sure that the flea spray is safe).

If your puppy experiences diarrhea and vomiting, then you can give it some medications to soothe its upset stomach. However, you need to be sure of the dose to be administered. Usually it's a tablespoon twice or thrice a day, but you need to consult a vet before going for such doses. Additionally, you need to ensure that your pet does not eat anything from the trash can, as it can be a breeding ground for parasites.

Home Remedies

For getting rid of dog worms without using any chemicals, you can try out some natural treatments like the crushed seeds of a white pumpkin. Results have shown that it is an excellent product to get rid of these pests. However, while crushing the seeds, you don't need to break them so as to form a powder, but just enough so as to form small shards. A couple of tablespoons every day should work. You can even give more, as it is harmless and has no side effects. Moreover, you can also give garlic mixed with fennel, as this helps in killing dog worms. Additionally, you can also use 2 tablespoons of oat bran, turnips, or raw carrots with each meal.

Make sure that before you try any of the home remedies or any medications, it's always better to consult a vet. You need to check the stools of your dog at regular intervals so that you can be sure that it is not infested.