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How to Deal with Dog Flatulence

How to Deal with Dog Flatulence

Flatulence in dogs, or flatulence in anybody for that matter, is nothing abnormal. Gas is one of the by products of a healthy digestion. It can be released by either burping or farting. But, if you think that your dog's flatulence is getting out of hand, and you are getting worried about your darlin', then here is an article that will help you identify the cause and deal with your dog's flatulence.
Gauri Huddar
Is your pet dog breaking gas far too often these days? It may be, that he has pancreatic disorder, viral inflammation, or he could be suffering from parasites or an irritable bowel syndrome. If you found it funny the first few times, but are now really worried and wondering how to deal with dog flatulence, then you are on the right page. Dog flatulence can be caused due to many reasons, and if not caused by serious reasons such as the ones mentioned below, then there is no real cause to worry. Your pet may simply be eating too much, too fast, or both. This article will give you a few tips to help you solve this smelly problem.

Causes of Dog Flatulence

The causes can be many, and may or may not be serious. Let's first find out what causes flatulence in dogs and then we'll learn how to deal with it.

• As stated above, your dog may be suffering from any of the conditions mentioned, like pancreatic disorder, viral inflammation, parasites, or irritable bowel syndrome. In such cases, it is best to get your dog checked by a vet. Once these serious causes are eliminated, then you can breathe a little easy and see whether there are any other causes, like those mentioned below.

• Eating too much can put a strain on your dog's digestive system, making it function improperly. Lack of exercise could be another factor causing or contributing to flatulence in your dog.

• Eating too fast can also be a major cause of flatulence. When your dog swallows or gulps down his food, he tends to take in a lot of air as well.

• Giving your dog raw food, specially meat, can trigger flatulence in him. Many people believe that dogs are not meant to eat cooked meat, but raw meat is what can trouble him and cause him to break really smelly gas!

• Some foodstuffs cause flatulence if they are ferment-able. Foods like cabbage, beans, large quantities of milk, cheese, onions, etc., cause flatulence. Also, your dog may be intolerant or sensitive to particular foods, and if they are included in his diet, they may cause flatulence.

• Gas can also be caused if the position in which your dog eats his food is wrong. If your dog has to bend a lot to reach his plate, then he tends to swallow more air. This can lead to flatulence as well.

• Low-grade dog food is one cause of flatulence that cannot be detected quickly, because you are busy trying to figure out the other causes. But low-grade dog food can not only cause flatulence, it can also otherwise adversely affect your dog's health.

Dealing with Dog Flatulence

Dealing with dog flatulence is not very difficult, and the following points should take care of it.

• Make sure that you are not over-feeding your dog. Give him a fixed amount of food at regular times and avoid giving him tidbits in between. Instead of feeding him one big meal, give him two or three smaller meals throughout the day. Strictly avoid table scraps.

• According to the breed your pet belongs to, determine whether he is getting enough exercise. Small dogs can be handled with a long, brisk walk around the neighborhood , while bigger dogs will need a more vigorous workout.

• If your dog has flatulence, then make sure that he is not gulping down his food greedily without chewing. To avoid this, do not wait till your dog is very hungry, to give him food. Because then, he will surely wolf it all down. Give him food, 15 - 20 min before his usual feeding time for a few days, so that he eats slowly and chews his food properly.

• Raw food is harder to digest, which again puts a strain on the digestive system, specially if he is given raw meat on a daily basis. Try substituting raw meat with cooked meat. Avoid making sudden changes in his diet, since that is another cause of flatulence.

• Avoid including fermented foods in your dog's diet. They are a major cause of flatulence, and can even cause stomach ache and cramps in your dog. Instead, try giving him foods like yogurt, that will help in digestion.

• Make sure that your dog's food plate is kept at a suitably elevated level, so that he doesn't have to bend too much when he is having his meals. The right height is when his neck remains almost straight while having food.

• Also, make sure that you avoid all the foodstuff that your pet is allergic to, so that the problem of flatulence does not arise. Confirm the quality of the dog food that you are feeding your dog.

Supplements to Stop Flatulence in Dogs

Given below is a list of supplements that can be incorporated in your dog's diet, so that the problem of flatulence is taken care of.
  • Probiotics
  • Pimpinella
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Vitamin B
  • Chamomile and Cardamom
  • Fenugreek
  • Apples
  • Brown Rice
  • Fennel
  • Vegetables (other than those mentioned above)
  • Yogurt
  • Peppermint
Once you have taken care of all the points mentioned above, then the flatulence should stop within no time. When it does, you will know you are doing things right. You can also try to induce vomiting in your dog, if you think it is suitable and may help him. If the problem still persists, then it is best to consult your vet.