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How to Choose a Dog

Sonia Nair Nov 25, 2018
Though dogs are the most common pets, choosing the right one can be confusing for many. Here is a brief overview about some of the important aspects to be taken care of, while adopting a pet dog.
Dogs have always been the most popular pet animals and according to archaeological evidence, the domestication of these animals started around 10,000 BC. Being touted as loyal animals, dogs are often depicted as man's best friend.
Owning a dog can be a really great experience for the owner as well as his family members. However, it is a very important decision, which has to be taken after thinking over the pros and cons. Apart from the joy of owning a pet, it is a matter of commitment on the part of the owner, to take care of that dog throughout its lifetime.
So, think of the duties and responsibilities (including the finances) on your part and decide.
Choosing the right dog breed is often a confusing situation, as there are numerous types of dogs. Here are some tips that will help you out in choosing the right dog.


If you are concerned about the financial aspects, collect details regarding the cost of raising individual dog breeds. Make a list of those breeds, which you can afford to raise as pets. Once you make the list, you can choose the right breed, after considering other factors like size, looks, gender and compatibility.


This is one of the most important factors for dog selection. Size is a matter of concern for those who want to carry their pet dogs. Those with space constraints may also go for small-sized dogs. However, such small dogs have to be handled very carefully, as most of them are fragile. It is a common misconception that big dogs need more space.
This may not be always true, as some big dogs like docile Greyhound, can be kept in small spaces. But larger dogs with waging tails can either damage household articles or cause tail injury. In fact, the larger the dog, the bigger the expenses, whether it be health care, food, or training.


When in comes to choosing a dog, there are many, who care about looks only. While some people like dogs with ferocious looks, cute canines are very much in demand.
Such people do not care about other factors, and land in trouble, once they bring the dog home and encounter different problems. So it is better to understand the various aspects of a particular dog breed before adoption.

Age and Gender

Though puppies are mostly preferred to adults, there are some people, who go for grown-up dogs. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While puppies can be trained easily, grown up dogs may take time and may sometimes resist your efforts to get them trained. When it comes to selection of gender, most people go for male dogs.
However, it has been suggested that females are more sensible to training and do not have the tendency to run away. In fact, it is the temperament and behavior of the dog that matters, and not the gender.
If the owner does not have any intention to breed the dog, then it is best to get the animal spayed or neutered. However, such dogs are not eligible to participate in dog shows.


This is another important factor, which should not be forgotten. Compatibility could be with kids, family members, other pets, and new surroundings. Families with small kids must avoid adopting dogs that shed hair. Dog hair may trigger allergic reactions in children.
It is always better to choose a dog that is gentle in nature and is best suited for kids. If you have other pets, then try to get a dog breed that is friendly towards other animals.

Other Factors

Apart from those mentioned here, there are many other factors that have to be taken care of, while selecting a dog. They include health issues in various dog breeds, characters you need in a dog, the amount of time you can spend time with your pet, from where you obtain the dog (breeders, rescues, shelters), etc.
You must also choose between a pure breed and a cross-breed. Make sure that the dog breed you choose can survive the local climatic conditions.
In short, choosing a dog would be very easy, if you have a basic idea about the different breeds. You may also talk to experts like breeders, veterinarians and elders, for their opinion. Otherwise conduct an in-depth study about the given factors and then, make a decision.