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How to Choose a Correct Dog Bowl

How to Choose a Correct Dog Bowl

Your dear dog deserves a great bowl. You won't settle for anything less when it comes to your dog, will you? The following DogAppy article will tell you how to choose the right dog bowl.
Sonu S
If you are someone who feels that the dog bowl does not make a difference, as long as you are feeding your dog the right food, then let me tell you, feeding your dog can be much easier if you have the right bowl. The bowl that you choose should be with respect to the size, food intake, age, and the nature of your dog.

Types of Dog Bowls

Before I tell you how to choose a dog bowl, you should know the different types of bowls available in the market. I have mentioned the popular ones:
  • Plastic Bowls: It's cheap and durable.
  • Ceramic Bowls: It is available in a variety of styles.
  • Stainless Steel Bowls: It is the best in terms of durability and maintenance.
  • Automatic Bowls: Food is automatically filled in the bowl when it is empty.
  • Travel bowls: They are inexpensive and portable.
  • Elevated Bowls: These bowls are raised above the floor.
  • Slow Feeding Bowl: They have projections in them.
Choosing a Dog Bowl

Here I have considered a few cases, and suggested appropriate dog bowls with respect to the cases.

If You Have a Puppy
Puppies are mischievous, they are obviously going to play with their bowl. So, you need a durable bowl. The bowl should be small, and should not be able to skid easily. I recommend you to go for plastic, ceramic or stainless steel bowls. You should replace the bowl once your puppy grows.

Note: Plastic bowls might get damaged, if your dog has the habit of chewing his bowl.

If Your Dog Overeats
Overeating can lead to problems in digestion, and may also make your dog obese. If your dog has a problem of overeating, do not go for automatic dog bowls. Get your dog a slow feeding bowl, he won't be able to hog. Slow feeding bowls also prevent choking, as the dog takes small morsels at a time.

If Your Dog is Old
Aged dogs often experience pain in their joints, so it is necessary that they maintain a proper posture. Having food from a normal bowl, strains the joints of your dog, it especially causes problems in his neck. Such a posture may also affect his digestive system. I recommend you to get an elevated bowl if you have an old dog.

If You Are Busy
If you are someone who cannot find enough time to feed your dog personally, then automatic bowls are the best choice for you. Automatic bowls will ensure that your dog stays full and hydrated in your absence. I always prefer feeding dogs personally, do try to take out some time from your busy schedule to feed your dog.

If You Travel With Your Dog
If you have the habit of traveling with your dog, then you need a bowl which is portable, and the best option for you will be a travel bowl. They can store enough food for your dog, and are convenient to use.

If You Prefer Style
If you want your dog bowl to be stylish, then you should surely go for ceramic bowls. They are available in great designs. There are also a wide range of plastic bowls, you can also opt for them (but nothing beats ceramic bowls in terms of style).

Once you have the correct bowl, you have to ensure that it is always clean. An unclean bowl will surely make your dog susceptible to health problems. If the bowl gets damaged, you should replace it, rather than repair it. If you feel that your dog does not like his bowl, then you should get him a new one, he will enjoy his dog food more, if he has the right bowl.