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How to Care for a German Shepherd

How to Care for a German Shepherd

People who are thinking of introducing this majestic dog in their household would be really interested in this piece of writing which focuses solely on German Shepherd care...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
A German Shepherd, also known as an 'Alsatian', is a dog breed which is known for its intelligence and agility. Mainly used for catching anti-social elements by the cops, this dog is also the perfect example of an ideal family guard dog for domestic surroundings. People who want to make this smart and beautiful dog a proud member of the family should first understand how to care for a German Shepherd and then move ahead with the buying or adopting procedure.

German Shepherd Care

It's advised that people who want to buy German Shepherds should always start with puppies. Why? Because puppies are easy to train and they never show the characteristics of a rebellious adult dog. The first and the most important thing to do is to socialize the puppy who has spent the past few months with its mother and siblings. The animal would take some time to get used to different people and the new surroundings.

Caring for a new and unruly German Shepherd puppy can be quite a task if the owner is not familiar with general German Shepherd puppy care. Although, these pups tend to be very mischievous at first, they grow up quite quickly to become intelligent and quite loyal dogs. Due to its structure and intelligence, German Shepherds are one of the most sought after dogs breeds in the world. One of the most important things to remember about this dog breed is that they are full of energy and this trait should be balanced by exercise sessions or long walks. These dogs, when young, tend to get bored of their surroundings very easily and hence it's very necessary that they are surrounded with lots of toys. If not provided with enough activity, these dogs tend to get very lazy. German shepherds also like digging so owners who live in houses with lawns or private gardens should be alert at all times. When not exercising, this dog enjoys playing with a variety of chew toys like tug ropes, bones and balls. These dogs love chewing, so it's important that owners provide them with toys that are durable and can withstand their intensive chewing habits.

German Shepherds should be provided with a healthy and balanced diet and owners should mostly give them dry food to avoid tooth problems. Owners can also feed their dogs with commercially available dog foods in the market. Make sure the brand chosen is filled with essential nutrients and proteins. Being active is in the nature of this dog and they tend to get thirsty very fast. Hence it's good to provide the dog with fresh and clean drinking water. Another important thing to remember is that these dogs need a cool and a shady area for breeding. Frequent trips to the vet's office when the German Shepherd is young will ensure protection from various dog illnesses. Owners should strictly follow all the guidelines provided by the veterinarian regarding the dog. Healthy puppies grow very large in size during the first year hence it's necessary to feed them more than once in a single day. These dogs usually have a medium length coat so there's no need of frequent brushing. Bathing sessions should be done with a gentle dog soap, just once a month.

Caring for German Shepherds is not that difficult if owners have begun their training from a young age. Make it a point to potty train your puppy when it completes five weeks of age. Show some effort and patience and in no time the puppy will learn how to keep its surroundings clean. Never bring a German Shepherd out of the house without a leash as the dog is very protective about its owner and will attack any stranger.