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How to Build a Treadmill for Dogs

How to Build a Treadmill for Dogs

Do you honestly squelch in the time to take your dog for a regular walk? If not, learn how to build a treadmill for dogs at home and let your pet use up that excess energy in his/her body. Training dogs on a treadmill has many positive and exciting benefits to reckon on. So read more on..
Fatima Rangwala
At the beginning it looks all energizing and loyal to grant your time and care to your beloved pet dog(s). But with all the mundane affairs and exhausted looks we bring home after spending a whole day out at work, the spark of taking care of our pets surely dies. Then what? Besides slipping a bowl of pedigree to your dog, what about its exercises? Their workouts to stay healthy and in shape? It's all gone with our packed schedule, ain't?! Well, we and our routine are not only the ones to be blamed though. On the contrary there are certain dogs which are cranky enough to not run outdoors, even without a leash around their neck. These are the kinds that are timid and lazy to get some fresh air. So to kick some energy into such types of dogs we have a plan laid out for them. Make them run on a treadmill. The task is simple and easy to finish. You can add a little outdoor type of an ambiance by placing the treadmill in your backyard or garden.

Now your ordinary 'human treadmill' wouldn't be as effective for your dog(s) to exercise on. The following paragraph below will tell you why singly designing a treadmill is vital. But as of now, how about you learning to build a treadmill for dogs at home with simple instructions?

Exercise Treadmill for Dogs

The simplest sense to learn how to make a treadmill for dogs is to build a regular machine, where your doggy can run, walk and do casual exercises anytime anywhere.


→Without a Center Post
If the treadmill has a center post in between its walking path, dogs are really uncomfortable with that. They like it when their walking path is clear and unobstructed.

→Fence it with Kennels!
The best fencing material that you could expend is the kennel gates. Ground it as guardrails alongside of the treadmill. Take a kennel cage which is generally available in a rectangular box consisting of six panels. With the help of a screwdriver detach the top, front and back panel and set the whole treadmill unit on top of the floor panel. In this manner you will have a treadmill with kennel panels on either sides of the walkway.

→Construct a Frame
Pick up some simple tools and design a frame which is made out of wood or metal. This will form the side rails of the machine. Once these rails are firmly grounded, clip your dog's leash to these rails so that they do not fall out accidentally. Also to this type of a construction, you can add notches so that the equipment can be adjusted to a desired inclined position. Next attach factory-made rollers to the frame through ball bearing and axle and complete your treadmill project with this note.

These are some simple and a variety of homemade ways for you to know how to build a treadmill for your dogs. By following any one of these designs you can now construct your own treadmill and help your dog do the necessary exercises to stay fit and healthy anytime, anywhere.

A Dog Treadmill

Why does the need arouse for one to differentiate between a human treadmill and a dog treadmill? How is it different? To understand this concept all we need to consider are a few aspects like motor, treadmill belt, running area, space, control panel, side rails of the machine and so on.. Such are the factors that makes a dog treadmill different from a human treadmill. They are entirely made for dogs and not for humans.

Its evident since dogs as species fall into different categories 'coz of differing shapes and sizes, the size of the treadmills too, differs from one dog to another. But whatever be the breed and size of your pet, make sure the treadmill running area, i.e, belt has plenty of space for your dog to stride. The main reason why a human treadmill is not ideal for training dogs is because they aren't very easy and quick in access when it comes to adjusting the speed and operation.

If you are planning to train your dog on the treadmill without fetching any help of a professional trainer, you would definitely require some basic tips and pointers to go ahead with such an activity. At first you are bound to fail, but eventually with time and pace you will get the knack of coaching your dog to stride on the treadmill. Of course this activity is a sheer trial and error process and to approach it the right way read these tips below..

Tips for Training Dogs on Treadmill
  • Lure your pet with things he or she likes to eat, play with or look at so that getting him/her on the treadmill seems easier.
  • Feed your dog light biscuits or crunchy cookies while he/she is standing or walking on the treadmill.
  • Bring up innovative things to make your pet like the treadmill.
  • The best way to get your dog for exercise on the machine is to keep certain toys or treats at hand as a distraction. If it sniffs the machine, let it go ahead and do it.
  • You can be innovative, tricky and funny while training your dog is on the treadmill so that he/she doesn't feel dry and bored.
  • Don't be too hard on your doggy and force it to do the exercises on the treadmill. What you can do is simply have fun with it. Walk with it, with or without a leash around it.
  • In case you have an electric treadmill, make sure you start with a very low speed at first. Then once your pet is comforted with the mechanism, gradually increase the speed without spooking him.
  • Encourage your dog or praise it while it walks confidently. This would boost them up on the inside.
  • If your treadmill is not an electric machine but is a manual treadmill, you will need to put in extra efforts to get that thing running. Stand in front of the machine, place your dog on the mill and command it to come to you slowly.
  • Keep your cool and don't expect your dog to learn everything in one day. If you experiment your tricks regularly, soon your pet will feel comfortable and accustom to the treadmill exercises.
Learning to construct a treadmill for dogs and keeping them occupied at home seems quite a comfortable act to do. Well, sure it's not that bad hence we have this excuse of writing this article for you. But make sure you and your dog don't miss out on natural walks and the genuine play out in the open either ways. It will not only keep your pet fit and healthy, but would help you to stay active as well!