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How to Breed Yorkies

How to Breed Yorkies

Thinking of breeding your Yorkshire Terrier and need to know what are the correct techniques to use to make that happen? Continue reading this article for a complete understanding of how to breed Yorkies and make the plan successful.
Rujuta Borkar
Yorkshire Terriers, more commonly known as Yorkies are one of the most popular breed of dogs as a choice of pets. There are varied reasons that guide this fact. These dogs are small-sized and therefore comparatively easier to care for. The other being that they have a very lively personality and therefore are a treat to keep as pets. One dimension of owning a pet Yorkshire Terrier is the way in which you care for it, which takes utmost precedent. The other is that of breeding it. But breeding a Yorkie is not a simple exercise. It is something that needs to be understood well enough and in all its entirety so that the process is completed with success. In the following sections, we will take you through the steps of how to breed Yorkies and how to make a success of the same.

Breeding Yorkies - A Brief Guide

It's not as simple as you'd like to believe it is. There have to be certain factors that have to be kept in mind when undertaking the breeding of Yorkies. Let us take you through the steps and important points that have to be looked into when learning how to breed Yorkies.

Health Checkup
The most important thing that one has to undertake when it comes to the breeding of Yorkies is that a proper health check-up be done. The success of the process depends on the fact that the Yorkies are healthy and capable of producing a healthy litter. Before the breeding therefore, a vet will check the complete health of the Yorkie to ensure that there are no Yorkie health conditions like genetic disorders or diseases that could be passed on to the litter. In case there are any deficiencies which can be corrected with the help of certain medication, then the vet will administer the same so that the condition can be corrected and successful breeding can take place.

Background Check
Along with a health checkup, one needs to also check if the dogs are compatible with each other. Unless the dogs like each other, they will not want to breed. Thus a previous meeting between the dogs to check for their bonding is important.

Age for Breeding
A lot depends on the age that you choose to breed the dogs. 18 months and after is considered the most appropriate time to carry forth breeding. This is because, by this stage, most of the health problems have emerged and been dealt with, as well as a proper age of maturity has been reached. Breeding that is done any sooner might result in a bad litter because one has not been able to understand the condition of the Yorkies and the kind of diseases that might emerge. Thus treating them has not been done as well.

Being small-sized dogs, female Yorkies cannot really cope with multiple pregnancies, which could lead to a strain. That is why it is usually considered safe to breed the Yorkies only twice a year. More so over, a bitch is only on heat twice a year.

The Right Time
How does one know that it is the right time to breed the Yorkies? Breeding is usually carried out after a lapse of 10 days from the time the female Yorkie goes into heat. This is done to ensure that the Yorkie is most fertile. But how is one to know that the Yorkie is on heat? When they are in heat, their vulva swells and they even discharge blood. Once the menstrual cycle stops, and the vulva remains swollen still, it is to be understood that it is a sign of being on heat. This is the right time to get the process into action.

Usually a particular pattern is followed - The dogs will be bred on days 1, 3, 5 (and so on), multiple times each, to enhance the chances of pregnancy. If the dogs have bonded well, they will take to each other and the coitus will take place. Which if successful, will result in a pregnancy.

Once the Yorkshire terrier has been successfully bred and the pregnancy has come through, you will have to ensure that it is taken to the vet who will check for its health and ensure that everything is well with her health.

You might learn how to breed Yorkies perfectly well, but that is not where your job ends. You need to be prepared for what is to follow. Caring for the pregnant bitch during her pregnancy as well as after. Similarly, you need to have thought of the puppies and what you'll be doing about them. Make sure that you have a well etched plan in mind before the breeding of Yorkshire Terriers begins. Only then will it bring about satisfaction. And if you do not think that you are capable of carrying this process through till the end, it is always advisable to go to a professional breeder.