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How to Adopt a Dog

How to Adopt a Dog

So, you are planning to adopt a dog, but don't know where to start from? Don't worry! We are here to help you.
DogAppy Staff
In this modern age, we have devices to complete all our work. It's basically a hassle free environment. The world has become a smaller place, but the distance between people has increased. People feel they have everything and yet, they crave for a companion. So how about bringing that close companion home to fill up that void? How about adopting a dog then?

Dogs are wonderful as pets; they are no short of stress busters. Normally, people get dogs from pet shops. Even you might have given it a thought. But before going to a nearby pet shop, how about sparing a few minutes on another idea ... how about the idea of adopting a dog from a shelter or pound? If you thought shelters have badly bred dogs, you couldn't be more wrong. These wonderful animals are just victims of bad circumstances and irresponsible owners. Humane societies and animal rescue workers guide people who are willing to adopt dogs from pounds and shelters.

Adopting a Shelter Dog
  • Find out a local dog shelter in your area. You can search the Internet or telephone book for the county animal control office.
  • Make an appointment with the dog shelter. Try to visit in person to get a clear picture. See how the dog behaves in his kennel or shelter.
  • Interact with the volunteer or the staff members; discuss with them your lifestyle so that they can give you suitable advice on adoption.
  • Another advantage of going for dogs from the shelter―by far the biggest―is that these dogs are reasonably priced. In fact, some shelters wouldn't mind giving you a dog for free.
  • Just remember one thing; adopting puppies is a big responsibility as they require constant attention and care
  • Small dogs like chihuahua, poodles and puppies can also be found in some shelters.
  • Elderly people can look for grown up dogs who are generally quite calm.
How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Dog?

It entirely depends on you. Once you have set your heart on the cute animal, you just have to discuss the adoption policy with the staff members. You can take your new family member home on the same day! You can tag your kids along; they will be able to interact with the dog and get familiar with it. Note: Do inquire about the dog's medical history (vaccination, worming, spaying, or neutering) and get the details of the veterinary care the dog has received before adoption.

Some dog shelters have a routine check every month to see how well are you adjusting with the dog. Collect the receipt from the office, slip on the collar around your dog's neck, and feel proud of having saved an innocent life. As the dog is new to your home, it is very important to give it enough time to get familiar with the surroundings. Also, keep interacting with the dog; that will help you'll understand each other better.

Give a dog, a loving home and you'll get love in return. The happiness and satisfaction which you get is immense. Adopt a dog now. Enrich a Life!