How Much Does a White German Shepherd Cost

Among the many coat colors of German shepherds, white coated shepherds make for a more stunning appearance. The striking white coated German shepherds have made many dog lovers left craving to possess one. The following article tells you about the cost of a white German shepherd.
DogAppy Staff
The wolf like appearance and excellent abilities to perform their duties proficiently have made German shepherds the most sought after dogs. The white color in German shepherds, though considered disqualified, looks beautiful and appealing. Such a pure white coat color is the result of recessive genes prevalent in the parent dogs. The coat colors of this breed, mainly come in darker shades to differentiate them from the flock of sheep. However, it was believed that these dogs would blend into the flock and would not prove beneficial in keeping the sheep together. Another reason behind not producing light coat colors is to maintain pure dark coat colors of this versatile lineage. However, if you are wondering about the cost, read through the following article.
Cost of Dogs
These dogs are fearless, hard-working and excellent guards. These are few of the factors why many dog lovers opt for German shepherds. Also its loyalty, confidence and ability to adapt to different guarding situations have provoked many breeders to develop this breed of dogs. Every dog lover has a different perception to own a dog. The reasons could be like having a companion, using for guarding purposes, or training for different dog shows. Some people may want to buy a pup or even want to buy a fully grown and trained dog. As per these choices, the cost of this dog will differ. A well trained pup from a high pedigree and champion bloodline may cost more than the pups available in pet shops, which are bred in poor conditions.
Breeders who are registered with the American Kennel Club and other such well-known kennel clubs, are likely to sell good quality white shepherds. The cost of German shepherds range from $750 to $1,200. The price could exceed in case the breeder is well-known. However, it is not necessary that a reputed breeder will sell best quality pups or dogs. Therefore, a buyer has to be very careful. In case your budget is less and you still want to buy a pup, then there are places where you can get a pup for about $500 to $600. There are many owners that are not able to take care of their pet and therefore put it up for sale. Such dogs are mostly fully grown and even cost less. Their average price could range from $100 to $350.
Grooming Cost
Grooming is a vital part of taking care of your German shepherd. Maintaining the good health of the dog is important to keep it healthier and protected from poor medical conditions. Grooming includes training, exercise, diet and maintaining mental stability. These factors are important and add up in determining the cost. Bred for herding and guarding purposes, they are athletic and robust dogs. Therefore, it is important to include regular exercise to keep them physically active and fit. A well trained dog turns out to be the most ideal for its owners. Therefore, a professional dog trainer could be hired or even the owner can spend time to train the dog. Professional dog trainers may charge a lot of money, but work with extreme proficiency. Every dog trainer works differently and may charge as per the time spent to train or number of training sessions. Private dog training is likely to cost around $240-$600 for 6 weeks while training schools will charge around $950-$2,500. There is also an option of group training, where dogs of different or similar breeds are trained. Such a training will cost around $40-$125.
A balanced diet works well to maintain their energy levels. It is necessary to include minerals and vitamins in the diet of your dog. Besides providing for a healthy diet, regular check ups at the veterinarian is an essential part of dog grooming. In case of well experienced vet, the fees could be higher than the ones who are less experienced.
The cost of such dogs depends on many factors such as its breeding conditions and the dog's family history. Also its grooming cost is important enough to be considered before buying them.