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How Much Do Jack Russell Terrier Puppies Cost?

How Much Do Jack Russell Terrier Puppies Cost?
Pets always bring joy and happiness in the lives of people. A Jack Russell Terrier is one such pet that is filled with tremendous energy, and is a complete fun dog. So, find out the cost of this puppy and welcome a joyful companion into your life.
Amruta Gaikwad
Every dog lover's requirement of buying a dog is different. Some may want it for guarding the house, while some may want it for breeding or to turn them into champions. No matter what the reasons may be, temperament and behavior are important factors that must be considered before purchasing a pup of this breed. Even the owner's lifestyle is important when planning to purchase a dog. These dogs were developed for hunting, tracking, and other working purposes. Therefore, they are more active, sturdy, very energetic, and an extremely free spirited dog breed. Training, grooming and nurturing are the factors that all together influence the cost of a pup. Before learning about the actual cost of a puppy, let's take a look at the basic temperament and behavior of this breed.
Details of This Breed
They are small dogs with a very robust built. These terriers are intelligent, quick, and always remain alert of their surroundings. As this breed was developed for digging out foxes from their den, and other hunting games, they are also extremely energetic and all the time willing to work. These hunting traits make them fearless, independent, and give them the athletic body. Therefore, before taking the decision of purchasing a Jack Russell pup, these traits must be well understood, and the dog must be provided with the lifestyle that these breed of dogs are developed to live. Inadequate exercise or any other activity tends to make this dog moody and destructive too. They might easily get bored of a sedentary lifestyle, and eventually become aggressive and reluctant towards the command of their owner. Buying a dog is an important step in the life of the owner as well as the pup. Considering all the aspects of its traits and behavior, the owner must spend enough time with the pup, and must not lack in any way in bringing up a Jack Russell puppy.
Purchasing a Pup
There are many breeders who are specialized in breeding and developing certain types of dogs. Breeding dogs requires a lot of knowledge, and must be done with extreme care, to produce the best litter and maintain its quality. Even the buyer has to be aware of all the physical characteristics of the pup, before taking the decision of purchasing it. A breeder's aim of breeding is to maintain the quality and produce efficient dogs. Buying the costliest dogs does not always mean that they will always remain healthy and look great throughout their lifespan. Even dogs are prone to health problems, and both the buyer and the breeder must be aware of them, to assure a healthy life for the dog. A well-known breeder usually has the pups registered under a reputed kennel club, and also spends a huge sum of money in breeding and nurturing the dogs. A Jack Russell pup coming from such breeders will cost around $800 to $1,000. Other than just purchasing the dog, the buyer must also consider the pup's comfort at home. A Jack Russell pup must be kept mentally and physically active to avoid boredom. Therefore, the buyer must arrange a comfortable bedding, a leash, its food, favorite treats, toys and chew bones, for the pup. The buyer must not only invest money wise, but also make some time, to develop a strong bond with the dog.
Cost of Puppy Care
Once the pup is brought home, the biggest responsibility is to care for it. Bringing up a pup is a big deal in the life of the pup. The owner must make himself aware about basic care requirements of the pups, so that taking care of the dog becomes easy. The good and bad habits that a pup picks up in its young age, live with it forever. Therefore, its training, grooming, and diet, must all be done with extreme care. If you are bringing a Jack Russell pup home for the first time, then it is wise to appoint a professional dog trainer to inculcate good habits in your dog. However, do not completely depend on the trainer, and accompany your dog and the trainer for all the training sessions, so that your dog feels comforted. The training cost is influenced by the experience of the trainer. Some trainers may charge fees on a monthly basis, while some may charge as per every training session. The owner must interview and study the overall methods of training. Average training cost would range from $30 - $100 per session, while obedience training sessions would range from $1,000 - $2,500, for a month. There are dog training schools too, that hire trainers who are specialized in training specific breeds. Therefore, there is also an option of enrolling your dog in one of these schools.
These dogs are playful and have little concern about their hygiene. These dogs have a rough outer coat which is water resistant. The coat is made up of fine tiny hair, and hence they shed less. With a compact body and a short rough coat, these dogs have less skin problems and require limited grooming. Depending on the texture of the coat, and also considering the possibilities of other health ailments, the owner must vaccinate the pup, and also be careful in selecting the right kind of diet.
These dogs are smart and can be terrific companions, if well trained. Their friendly and lovable behavior towards children makes them a favorite dog breed for many dog lovers. So, bringing a dog means investment in time and money, both. Keeping a Jack Russell at home means enjoying a fun and loving companion throughout its lifetime.
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