How Much Do Beagle Puppies Cost

Beagles are very adorable and playful, hence make for ideal pets. Know all about adopting beagles and their cost in this article.
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Beagles are small-sized dogs with short fur coat. They are naturally very energetic and playful. They have a strong sense of smell, as they are inherently scent dogs. They are commonly adopted as house pets due to their friendly nature. However, at times, beagles can be mischievous and difficult to handle. Besides, they may have certain demands regarding food and care which need to be met. Hence, if you intend to get a beagle, make sure you are prepared for the challenges of raising it, that lie ahead. In this article, we have provided a few tips on adopting beagle puppies.
Where to Find Beagles for Adoption
Beagles are a pretty common dog breed, hence finding them should not be a task. Dog breeders are often the best people to inquire about beagle puppies. You may drop by your local dog breeding center and see if any of the beagle puppies available there captures your interest. Adoption centers are yet another place where you can get beagles of varying ages. One advantage of buying beagle puppies from adoption centers is that these puppies are often spayed or neutered. Besides, their vaccine schedule is also up-to-date. Another great advantage is that beagle puppy prices at adoption centers are low as compared to private breeders. You can also browse online pet centers for the right puppy that you are looking for. However, execute fair amount of caution while dealing with online breeders.
How Much do Beagle Puppies Cost
Cost of beagle puppies is somewhere in the range of $300 - $700. However, at times you may get puppies for as little as $40, while other times the cost may shoot up to $900. The cost primarily depends upon the establishment from where you choose to buy beagles. Private breeders usually charge very high for puppies, whereas prices at adoption centers are lesser in comparison. You can also check if any of your friends or neighbors have a litter of beagle puppies, which they intend to give away for adoption. This way, you can get beagle puppies for very less price, sometimes even for free!
Adopting Beagle Puppies
Like any other dog, beagle has its special needs and care. You have to impart proper training so that you and your pet can co-exist happily. However, the process of training beagle puppies can be complicated due to inherent stubborn nature of these dogs. Beagles may initially resist your attempts to train them. However, a positive approach and friendly training tactics may help you train these little devils the way you want. One most important thing that beagle puppy owners must keep in mind is that beagles need constant activity or exercise as they are very energetic. Hence, make sure you take out some time from your routine to give your dog its daily quota of exercise. Also, during the first few months, you may have to take your puppy out for 2 - 3 times at night to attend nature's call. In case, you plan to leave your puppy at home without supervision for long hours, make sure you arrange for a kennel and appropriate safety measures. As beagles are inquisitive and adventurous in nature, they take a keen interest in exploring their surroundings. These often puts them in danger of accidents, mishaps etc. It is also recommended that you leash your puppy while taking it outdoors, as they have a knack of following interesting scents without any regard for traffic.
Beagle puppies can be a great addition to your family, provided you take good care of them. Before buying a puppy make sure you are willing to take efforts for its care. Also ensure that you can handle the additional financial responsibilities that come with a small puppy.
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