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Hawaiian Names for Dogs

Awesomely Breezy Hawaiian Names and Their Meaning for a Happy Dog

It's not just the beauty of Hawaii, but also its language that is becoming popular, with pet owners all over the world choosing Hawaiian names for their dogs. In this article, we put forth a list of some popular Hawaiian dog names and their meanings.
Debopriya Bose
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Everything is bright and beautiful about Hawaii, be it the surf, beaches, or the delicious food and even their unique names. For those who visit the islands even once, it is difficult to forget the tropical beauty. Are you one of those who are finding it difficult to shed their memories of Hawaii? We guessed so! Why else would you look for a name of Hawaiian origin for your pet dog?
Hawaiian Names for Pet Dogs with Meanings
A look at the list provided below will make it clear that choosing Hawaiian name for your pet is a great option, not just because it keeps up with the spirit of the beautiful place, but also because these names sound sweet when pronounced as there are very few consonants and vowels in the language. From being innovative to cute, these names are fast catching up with pet owners who want a little uncommon, yet peppy name for their pet.
Names for Male Dogs

» Akamai (Smart)
» Alemana (Warrior)
» Amoka (Strong)
» Asera (Lucky)
» Eno (Wild)
» Etana (Strong)
» Ikaika (Powerful)
» Kalani (Royal)
» Kale (Strong)
» Kalei (Garland)
» Kana (Maui demigod)
» Kapono (Goodness)
» Keanu (Cool mountain breeze)
» Liko (Bud)
» Malo (Winner)
» Meka (Eyes)
» Miki (Active)
» Noa (Freedom)

Names for Female Dogs

» Akama (Smart)
» Akela (Wisdom)
» Aliikai (Queen of the Sea)
» Ewalani (Heavenly woman)
» Halia (Fond memory)
» Hanai (Lucky)
» Hula (A Hawaiian dance)
» Ipo (Sweetheart)
» Kahili (Feather)
» Kaila (Stylish)
» Kalea (Bright)
» Laka (Gentle)
» Lelele (Friendly)
» Makenna (Gift of God)
» Miliani (Gentle caress)
» Nan (Beautiful)
» Neolani (Mist of Heaven)
» Olina (Joyous)

Names Based on Elements of Nature
The name of Hawaii paints a beautiful picture of nature at its best. With mountains, blue skies, the sea, rich aquatic life, colorful flowers and birds, there are numerous options to choose from. Just make sure you choose the name that reflects the spirit of your pet dog.
» Mahina (Moon)
» La (Sun)
» Manu (Bird)
» Pua (Flower)
» Hoku (Star)
» Kai (Sea)
» Lupo (Wolf)
» Kumu (Tree)
» Lani (Sky)
» Lau (Leaf)
» Anuenue (Rainbow)
» Ua (Rain)

Names Based on Food Elements
And what about the delicacies of Hawaii? The fresh fruits and vegetables, the juices and various drinks! Won't it just be right to select one of these as the name for your pet?
» Alani (Orange)
» Apala (Apple)
» Haukalima (Ice cream)
» Kaloke (Carrot)
» Ki (Tea)
» Kokoleka (Chocolate)
» Kopa'a (Sugar)
» Kope (Coffee)
» Lemi (Lemon)
» Mai'a (Banana)
» Mea'ono (Cookie)
» Meli (Honey)
» Niu (Coconut)
» Pea (Pea)
» Waiu (Milk)
» Waiupaka (Butter)

The culture and language of Hawaii are closely related to that of the Polynesians. The first dogs that came to Hawaii were brought along by these people. While that happened about 1000 years ago, the Polynesians hardly felt any need to name their dogs, as canines for them, were not about companionship as much as they were about delicacy―a delicacy to be served to the chieftains during special occasions and celebrations.
Things changed over the course of time. As time went by, more and more dogs were brought to the islands. These interbred with the existing breeds and a new dog breed emerged. As the older breed disappeared, the new breed became very popular with the Hawaiians. These were called poi dogs, as they were fed a diet rich in poi fish. The newer generation was more concerned about providing proper care to their pets.
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