Halloween costumes for your pet dog

Halloween Costumes for Your Pet Dog

Who said Halloween is only about you? Your pets are your family, and it doubles the fun if you take out the time to include your pets in the celebrations too. Buzzle brings to you a few ideas for you to dress up your pet dog, for a sweet Halloween surprise.
On Hallowe'en the thing you must do
Is pretend that nothing can frighten you
And if somethin' scares you and you want to run
Just let on like it's Hallowe'en fun.

― Author Unknown
It's about time for tricks and treats, and guess who is going to be the new showstopper this year? You heard it right, your family pet is going to greet your neighbors and friends in this ultra-cool, yet scary look of the year.

With the fun that Halloween brings with it, it makes perfect sense to involve your pet in the celebrations. Dressing up pets, especially your dog, in style, is the perfect way to go this Halloween. You can choose to dress your doggy in funny costumes, even opt for the real mean and scary outfits, or simply have a custom-made costume to suit the occasion. Given below are a few ideas that you can choose from and implement, to dress up your innocent little pet.

Scary Costumes
Cute Little Monster

Dressing up your pet in a skeleton outfit befits the occasion. Besides, you can also try out glow-in-the-dark outfits that will keep the kids and guests entertained. Halloween is all about unleashing the dark, the scary, and the otherwise frightening creatures. You could very well implement them as costumes for your pet.

Witch Costumes
Witchy Me

What is Halloween without evil witches and their magic potions? Dress up your pet in witch capes and hats to complete the Halloween spirit ringing in the air.

Pumpkin Costumes
Love of Halloween

What else will best suit the holiday theme other than pumpkins? Get your pup dressed in cute pumpkin motifs or a full pumpkin cape. Complete the Halloween look with a pumpkin cap adorning the head.

Devil Costumes
Seeing Red

Horns and pointed tails make the perfect getup for Halloween. A black or red cape to go with the horns is sure to keep the spirits high when the witches and goblins come a calling.

Monster Costumes
Monster Calling

Monster caps, Dracula heads, and capes are perfect accessories to doll up your sweetie pie. If nothing, these costumes make for perfect pet photography.

Bees and Bunny costume
Of Bees and Bunnies

Bee costumes set in bright yellow, complemented with black, set the mood for Halloween. You can choose an outfit that entirely covers the back and front legs of your pup, to make him/her resemble a cute little bee out of its hive, or choose a bunny headgear to keep it minimalistic.

Animal Costumes
Animal Mania

Dressing up your pet in an animal-themed costume will make it not just a hilarious Halloween, but also a little less scary affair for the young kids. Think how cute Fido will look in a costume that resembles a cow, or in a cap that looks like a toad?

Funny Costumes
Mama Mia

A curly mane and a thick gold chain around your pet's neck is sure to make him/her look like a super-cool rock star. How about throwing on a kimono or a neat black dress to grace the occasion? A little bit of innovation and playing around the regular costumes is all that it takes to make your pet ready for the Halloween celebrations.

Funny Costumes for Pets
The Stunners

A knight in shining armor sitting at your doorstep is sure to keep your guests entertained, just like a ruffled tutu skirt will spice up your pet's appearance. How about a pirate costume, or even a superhero costume for your very own superhero?

That's not the end―you can dress up your pet in a hotdog costume, or in just about anything that catches your fancy. After all, Halloween is about enjoying the time with your loved ones, and pets are definitely an important part of the family; hence they too deserve as much attention as everyone else at home.