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Guard Dogs for Goats

Guard Dogs for Goats
Guard dogs are a valuable type of dogs, used by man for centuries. This article lists some of the best breeds for guarding goats...
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Livestock Guarding Dogs
These dogs are used for protecting the livestock from predators and are commonly known as sheepdogs. These dogs are watchful about any possible threat, and blend in with the flock to keep an eye on them. They need to be familiarized with their pack as soon as possible, to let their natural protective instinct take over.
Guard Dogs for Goats
Tornjak: It is a mountain dog having its origin in Croatia, and Bosnia. These dogs are well built, and have a strong square body. Long and thick hair protects it in harsh weather. The Tornjak is calm; however, it is very alert and watchful. It is not very demanding in nature, and the sturdy dog is a perfect candidate for guarding goats, sheep, and other livestock. In the first 9-12 months, these dogs are not very active. However, after this phase they need exercise in the form of long walks and playing with their owner or other dogs. It has a sharp memory, and learns quickly; thus, training Tornjaks doesn't require much time. It is a typical farmyard dog used for protection and herding. These dogs can survive on a low-protein diet. In fact, increasing the protein content in their diet may cause problems with their coats.
Kangal Dog: The Kangal dog, also known as Sivas Kangal dog, is Turkey's national breed. Its coat color may vary between pale tan and sable, while it weighs around 65 kg. These dogs are independent and protective in nature. Thus, owners who do not have prior experience of training need to be cautious while interacting with these dogs.
Carpathian Shepherd Dog: The Carpathian mountains in Romania is the place of origin of this breed. These dogs are renowned for their fearless devotion to the job, and loyalty.
Cão de Castro Laboreiro: This breed has its origin in the mountainous regions of Portugal. These dogs are large, and can have a height up to 60 cm at the withers. Their appearance is similar to that of wolves, and their body weight is around 40 kg. It advisable to allow only experienced trainers to handle these dogs, because their large size and aggressive nature can be dangerous.
Karakachan Dog: The Karakachan dog has descended from domesticated dogs in the Balkan region. These dogs consider their flock as their territories, and are very serious with the work assigned to them. Any threat to the flock is dealt with fierce aggression. These guard dogs are intelligent, brave, and have an independent character. Their skin is thick and close fitting, and their skull is broad.
Big Kangal Dog
Tornjak puppy