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Grooming Afghan Hound

Grooming Afghan Hound
Owning an Afghan Hound is definitely a privilege, but grooming this dog breed is quite a task. We don't intend to discourage you, but you need to know what you are getting into.
Aparna Jadhav
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If you have ever seen an Afghan Hound, you will probably realize why it is given so much importance. This graceful dog boasts of being one of the oldest breeds among the sight-hound dogs. It originated in the cold mountains of Afghanistan and therefore, is blessed with a thick and silky coat of fur. Afghan Hounds come in various colors, including golden, white, fawn, gray, and brindle; all of which make this creature look truly majestic and royal.
The Afghan Hound is an introvert by nature and needs its space. It is considered one of the dignified dog breeds. However, it is also the happy and jovial-kind when it is in a playful mood. The Afghan Hound has very thick, long hair and thus, grooming is one of the most important aspects of its overall care.
Grooming Your Afghan Hound
If you have an Afghan Hound, you will either need to hire a full-time caretaker or keep enough time at hand do the job! Well, this is because, the breed―also known to be the 'King of Dogs'―is a high-maintenance breed. It is also one of those pet dogs which prefer to be indoors, and are not very active outdoors. Afghan Hounds have very thick, silky, and soft hair all over the body, which need to be maintained 24/7.
Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting one of these, or already have one―for that matter, make sure you are well-versed with the grooming aspect.
  • As mentioned earlier, the silky tresses of an Afghan Hound requires a lot of care. If not subjected to proper care, they can get knots and tangles due to wind or humidity.
  • If you want your pet's coat to look shiny and healthy, you should groom it every week and ensure that its hair is in perfect shape.
  • Its hair is not supposed to be trimmed or clipped anywhere on the body or on the head. However, it can be trimmed around the leg cuffs once in a while.
  • The Afghan Hound should be bathed at least once in the week, with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. Try not to use soap, as it might lead to dryness of hair texture.
  • After bathing, you can occasionally blow dry its coat, but not every time. Let it dry naturally and then brush the hair as lightly and simply as you can.
  • You will require grooming equipment like a pin brush, dog comb with wide teeth, and a misting water bottle with very little conditioner or de-tangling mixture added. Even if there are knots, release them very gently by first spraying the coat with this mixture and slowly brushing the coat.
  • While de-tangling the coat of your pet Afghan Hound, make sure you brush the hair from the roots to the ends―not vice versa. You can use the wide-toothed comb first and then the brush.
  • Never use human products on your dog's hair as there is a vast difference in the two. It may even lead to excessive shedding or knotting of the dog's hair. Instead, make it a point to use proper dog grooming products.
Taking your dog to professional groomers can be quite an expensive investment, so why not use these tips and enjoy taking care of your pet on your own!