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Great Dane Names

Great Dane Names

If you've just bought a Great Dane puppy and can't figure out a name, then this article will help by providing a list of names that you can choose from.
Aparna Jadhav
The Great Dane or the German Mastiff is one of the world's tallest breeds of the domestic dog type and is originally from Germany. It is short-haired with a strong galloping figure and a well formed body. It appears strong and elegant, with dignity and a firm stature. It is very famous for its unique coat colors like fawn, brindle, blue, black, etc. and the texture of its skin, which is soft and velvety. It is very friendly in nature and is often referred to as the gentle giant. It is also well-disposed towards other dogs and non-canine pets and humans. It loves to walk and stay fit and can run very fast. As you name all your pets, you might want a different name for this one as it is one of a kind and special.
Dogs are the friendliest pets you can ever have, they love to listen, they comfort you when you're sad, and jump around you when you're happy. They are animals with emotions, which they express in their own unique ways. When you name a dog, he/she knows that it is the word you use to address him/her. Soon, the dog gets used to that name. As you know, a name lasts for a lifetime, so give your Great Dane a special one that both you and he/she will like.
Dogs love short names as they can identify and respond to them. It's a behavioral trait which you induce in them right since their childhood. Choose a name for your puppy based on its personality traits. Otherwise, look for something unique that will set your dog apart from others.
Alphabet Male Female
A Alder, Alaric, Aldo, Alvin, Armond Amber, Anastasia, Aqua, Ariel, Annabelle
B Baldwin, Ballard, Boris, Brian Bambi, Bianca, Bubbles, Becca
C Coral, Charles, Carl, Casper Casey, Chelsea, Candice, Carla
D Dustin, Dave, Danny, Darryl Daisy, Dawn, Dot, Dana
E Edel, Edwin, Ernie, Elijah Ebony, Emma, Elsa, Erica
F Fritz, Ferdinand, Ferol, Frankie Faith, Fern, Freya, Feather
G Gunther, Gabriel, Gale, Gunner Ginger, Giselle, Githa, Gayle
H Hank, Harvey, Herold, Henry Heidi, Holly, Heather, Hannah
I Ion, Ian, Ike, Ivan Iris, Ira, Ivangeline, Irina
J Jeff, Jude, Jam, Jasper Jade, Julie, Jaz, Josie
K Kurt, Kenny, Kole, Kiaran Kathy, Kim, Kasy, Kayla
L Leonard, Louis, Lance, Lex Lemon, Lacy, Luna, Lillianne
M Martin, Miles, Mason, Milo Mable, Magic, Myst, Moon
N Noah, Nammy, Neon, Nigel Nori, Nat, Nelly, Nora
O Ostin, Oscar, Otto, Odin Opal, Oma, Orie, Olly
P Pat, Paul, Parry, Preston Patty, Pebbles, Perl, Paris
Q Quinsten, Quinn, Quel Queen, Queneth, Quie
R Raynard, Ron, Roth, Raymond Roxy, Rainbow, Richi, Ruby
S Sam, Saul, Sage, Seth Sugar, Satin, Star, Savanna
T Tab, Terrance, Toby, Thad Topaz, Trudy, Terry, Tilly
V Vernon, Vat, Venny, Victor Viva, Violet, Vennessa, Val
W William, Wade, Wags, Wolf Wink, Winnie, Wishy, Wags
X Xodie, Xander Xena
Y Yale, Yoda Yappy
Z Zeus, Zeek Zoe, Zara

According to its coat color, you can name your Topaz, Blue, or Turk. No matter what color your dog is, it's who he/she is that matters and as all dogs are very loving creatures, they deserve to have good names.
Some Famous Names
Take a look at some more names for your puppies to choose from. These names are used by a number of celebrities for their dogs.

Adam Fink Alpha Angus
Antonio Archie Arnold
Ashley Balto Barfy
Baron Beethoven Big Steve
Blue Boy Buddy Caeser
Chester Chipper Cupcake
Dollar Enrique Einstein
Goofy Hooch Ike
Jasper Krypto Leopold
Marbles Misha Napoleon
Nuzzle Old Blue Oscar
Pedro Pepper Sandy
Scooby Teddy Toto
Vanilla Wally Zippy
If there's any name you liked or think that it goes best with your little pup's habits, go ahead and choose it. You can also combine a few names and come up with unique ones of your own.