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Great Dane Facts

Great Dane Facts

People who are willing to take the ownership of a Great Dane will find this article on Great Dane facts very helpful. Learn some important things about this majestic dog if you are thinking about keeping it as a pet.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Sure, the Great Dane is very cute and friendly in nature but there's a huge commitment which goes when you are bringing this big dog in your house. The Great Dane is one of the oldest dog species known to man and it's been a great example of a perfect family pet for many years. The Great Dane seems to capture attention everywhere it goes. Its tall structure causes traffic jams and people do give it a second look. The dog is a perfect balance of elegance and power. The physical structure of a Great Dane is also pretty impressive. The males are usually 30 to 34 inches tall and they weigh about 140 pounds. The females are little shorter coming to 28 inches and they weigh around 120 pounds. Don't be intimidated by their tall presence, Great Danes are very loving giants and make excellent family pets. Perhaps knowing some facts will help you make a better judgment on whether the Great Dane is the right dog for you.

Great Dane Facts and Information

Many people don't know but this huge dog was originally bred for hunting but now is one of the most sought after family dogs. This big dog loves to take care of its owner and please him. The Great Dane is very playful, loving and is extremely devotional towards its owners, especially children. Here are some more facts about Great Dane which will help you understand this dog better.
  • Despite their huge size, apartments make ideal dwelling places for Great Danes. Many people think that this huge dog requires a big yard to play but Great Danes are little lazy in nature. They will spend most of their afternoons lying down on your couch.
  • Due to their huge size many people believe that Great Danes eat like a wild bison but they are wrong. Great Danes are very moderate eaters and they won't eat more than 3 cups of dog food each day. As a puppy, a Great Dane shouldn't be fed more proteins as its high content can be very harmful for its bones and joints.
  • They grow very fast in size and that still amazes a lot of people. Most of us have seen how large a Great Dane can get. What's amazing that they get this huge size in just a span of one year.
  • Once the dog has celebrated its first birthday and has regained the full control of its body's changes, it becomes very adaptable and loving towards everyone around. They love children and many times are used as therapy dogs. However, parents should keep a watchful eye when Great Danes are with children as their huge size can sometimes cause sudden accidents.
  • Although they look like they could easily eat up a human being, Great Danes need human company for their survival. Great Danes are extremely sensitive in nature and will definitely suffer from mental health problems if kept away in a cage or yard.
  • Leading veterinarians have recently made a new discovery that anxiety is very harmful to Great Danes. When these dogs are left alone, they tend to suffer from uneasiness and bloat (a condition in which air gets inside the stomach and twists). This uneasiness and bloat can even cause death sometimes.
  • Due to their extra sensitive behavior, Great Danes are also known to be a ladies dog. Strict training methods and practices should never be implemented as they can get very emotional and gradually fall ill.
  • Like all dogs the Great Dane also requires its exercise which should be restricted to a 30 minute walk daily. Never over exercise a Great Dane.
  • The average life span of a Great Dane is 10 years, although some have lived more than 13 years.
  • Grooming the Great Dane is pretty easy as the dog has short haired coat. Nails should be kept trimmed and this breed is an average shedder.
  • Many people consider the Great Dane to be the tallest dog breed in the world which not entirely true. Though the record position of the tallest dog belongs to a Great Dane, the Irish wolfhound is the tallest dog breed in the world.
Despite their caring and loving nature, a Great Dane can become very aggressive when it senses danger. So be very careful while approaching a Great Dane as it might think of you as a stranger who has come to harm its family.