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Good Names for Chocolate Labs

Getting a new puppy home is an exciting time for the entire family. One of the first things that a puppy gets after becoming a part of the family is his/her name. So, if you are planning to get a cute chocolate lab puppy, this article gives a list of names to help you choose the perfect one for your pet.
DogAppy Staff
Giving a name to your puppy can be great fun and requires very little effort. Ideally, the name should reflect the dog's breed, characteristics, and physical appearance. Sometimes, people like to name their pup after a particular event or occasion, like a dog born on Easter Sunday may be named Easter. Also, quite often a puppy is named as per its place of origin, like an Irish Setter might be given an Irish name like Liam. You should choose a name that is easy and will make your puppy happy whenever you will call him/her. While selecting a name, always keep a few things in mind, like the name should have some degree of individuality to it, and it should also have at least two syllables as a one syllable name may confuse your dog. For instance, if you name your dog Lass, he will quite likely get confused whenever he hears the words 'last' or 'glass'. Similarly, calling your dog Hail might sound like 'heal' or Noah may be confused with the command 'no'. Again, keeping a name of more than two syllables may make it difficult for the dog to learn and recognize it.
Make sure that the name is not very long or difficult to pronounce as the puppy may get confused and eventually lose interest. Remember, while calling your puppy, use a cheerful and gentle voice, as this will help him/her associate good feelings with the sound of the name and he/she will more likely respond when called. Pet names like Satan, Bozo, or Tiny should be avoided as they can lead to embarrassment and raised eyebrows when called in public places. Select such names that you can call out in public. Given below are some names that you can select from.
Names Linked to the Chocolate Color
Following are some dog names that complement the Lab's chocolate-brown color:
Female Dog Names Male Dog Names
Anoush Amaretto
Brownie Bosworth
Basil Bernardo
Blanda Colby
Coffee Cannuck
Carmel Cronan
Brune Gunther
Cadbury Cedar
Cola Fudge
Carob Henry
Nutmeg Copper
Mahogany Chocolate
Ginger Guinness
Kamea Max
Maple Timber
Sienna Kodiak
Reese Koko
Java Russett
Mocha Toast
Tawny Woody
Truffles Rusty
Names Linked to the Lab Temperament
Chocolate labs are energetic and have a mischievous, fun-loving temperament. The following names, to some extent, reflect this character trait.
Female Dog Names Male Dog Names
Ava Austin
Babianne Agudo
Buffy Excalibur
Chaos Cole
Duchess Dylan
Dream Duke
Escapade Kane
Gable Kiley
Grace Lucky
Harley Kotton
Meika Yagil
Laredo Nacho
Quirky Ion
Sasha Ogre
Weib Rover
Names Linked to Hunting
Being one of the most loyal and affectionate breeds, chocolate Labrador retrievers also have strong hunting capabilities. Following are some names that will complement this personality trait.
Female Dog Names Male Dog Names
Bilka Adrian
Button Bagel
Gunnerette Barney
Aspen Drake
Bella Diesel
Huntress Blake
Kainda Oskar
Nikki Magnum
Rayne Gunner
Labatt Raven
Tessy Tyrone
Sleet Rocky
Storm Sailor
Synergy Salmon
Vegas Spade
Xena Zeus
Don't be in a hurry to finalize the name, observe the dog for a few days and then name him/her as per the character traits. Always keep in mind that your playful, excitable puppy will grow and can turn into a fairly docile adult dog, so give a name that will suit his/her personality. Once you have chosen the name, call the pup with the name as frequently as possible as this will help him/her become familiar with it and respond whenever called.
Long Jumping Dog
Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy Dog
Puppy Labrador Retriever
Labrador Retriever Gundog On Rock
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Puppy Labrador