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Golden Retriever Names

If you have got a golden retriever at home but are confused about choosing the right name for it, then this article provides a list of some names that can help you find the best one for your pup.
DogAppy Staff
Golden retrievers are famous for their gorgeous blonde coat. They turn out to be good service dogs because of their intelligence and gentle nature. Having a golden retriever at home can really lighten up your life. However, make sure to give an appropriate name to your puppy. Choosing the name for your pup can be a tough job. You can select one that speaks about the physical characteristics or the personality of the dog. It can be one of the popular names or you can choose from the list of unique names. It's your call after all. However, keep it short. The dog might find it difficult to respond to a very long name. Here is a list of golden retriever puppy names.
Names for Female Golden Retrievers
A Abbey, Amanda, Alice, Aloha, Amber
B Bailey, Blossom, Burgandy, Brandy, Bianca
C Candy, Cluster, Chase, Cloe, Ciara
D Daizy, Dawn, Del, Destiny, Dakota
E Essence, Ebby, Elfi, Euphoria, Ellie
F Fiesta, Faith, Fantasy, Fancy, Flower
G Gold, Gabriel, Glow, Ginger, Gayle
H Harmony, Honey, Heidi, Hope, Happy
I Imagine, Indigo, Isis, Ivory, Irina
J Jane, Justice, Jess, Joss, Jade
K Kiss, Kate, Kim, Kloe, Karma
L Leona, Lacey, Laika, Liberty, Lillian
M Mystique, Muriel, Maggie, Mist, Maggy
N Natty, Nala, Neon, Ness, Noreen
O Oasis, Odia, Olive, Onyx, Omega
P Paris, Panache, Persia, Peach, Princess
Q Queen, Quiche, Quiera
R Rainbow, Ria, Ricochet, Ripple, Rebecca
S Sasha, Sierra, Spirit, Sunshine, Snow
T Tracey, Tripsy, Tiara, Twinkle, Tiara
V Venice, Vanilla, Velvet, Valerie
W Whiskey, Widget, Willow, Wendy
X Xavior, Xena
Y Yazmin, Yaana, Yellow
Z Zsa zsa, Zara, Zade, Zarina
Names for Male Golden Retrievers
A Aaron, Amigo, Autumn, Aden, Armen
B Bronco, Boomer, Banjo, Bruno, Bark
C Caesar, Chiffon, Custard, Crackers, Caleb
D Dash, Dew, Digger, Dim, Dusk
E Erwin, Edd, Escape, Earl, Emperor
F Fiasco, Felix, Fang, Fret, Flash
G Growel, Grace, Gable, Genghis, Greg
H Hunter, Hamish, Hector, Hal, Heart
I Ian, Ice, Iro, Isvan
J Jim, Jerry, Javelin, Jabber, Jake
K Kipper, Krunch, Kash, Karl
L Lable, Lord, Lanzo, Legend, Luck
M Majestic, Meadow, Muffin, Mango, Milo
N Nugget, Nolyn, Nibble, Nacho, Natter
O Oyster, Oberon, Oliver, Oscar, Odie
P Puddle, Popcorn, Parker, Pebble, Prince
Q Quigly, Quinn, Quixot, Quill, Quentin
R Rover, Reno, Ranger, Rudolf, River
S Sapphire, Sky, Stallion, Saffron, Sleet
T Tracker, Tequila, Taco, Tango, Tag
V Vegas, Vesper, Victor, Vance, Valentino
W Wrangler, Woody, Wag, Walter, Weston
X Xander, Xavier
Y Yoda, Yuri, Yukon, Yeti, Yogi
Z Zeck, Zorro, Zimmer, Zaiden, Zeek
Unique Names for Golden Retrievers
Make your puppy feel special by giving it a unique name. Some unique names you may like for your puppy are given below.
  • Chocolate
  • Echo
  • Dakota
  • Fletch
  • Gizmo
  • Jypsy
  • Dejavu
  • Autumn
  • Brooklyn
  • Duddley
  • Groovy
Take your own time to finalize the name. Make your puppy feel welcome and loved by everyone at home. Take good care of your dog with love and affection and your dog will soon be your best buddy.
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