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How to Choose a German Shepherd Puppy

Naomi Sarah Sep 29, 2018
You'll fine help here on choosing a German Shepherd puppy for adoption, for those looking for furry cherubs that you'd like to take home as pets. Check this space out on all you need to know about how to take care of German shepherds too...

Did You Know?

Adolf Hitler was one of the many owners that had a German Shepherd, with TV stars like Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart making it big during their viewing period.
The Deutscher Schäferhund which translates into German Shepherd dog, was first known to herd sheep, also protecting them from animals who tried to prey on them.
These dogs are usually used for working purposes, like police work, sniffing baggage and belongings for narcotics, helping out the injured in accidents and fires, and so on. They're strong dogs, with a willingness to learn and engage in active play.
They bond well with their owners, and strangers as well, depending on the dog's upbringing. They tend to have a protective streak that makes them overly watchful of family.

Things to Consider While Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

Adopting puppies are something not all people do, because of the worry of whether the puppy will fall short on one's expectations. When looking up a place that gives away puppies for adoption, it is important to first find out the following...
  • Whether they were stray to begin with
  • Attacked and then rescued
  • Physically challenged and in need of a home
  • Ill and in need of attention (where adopting party would step in to take care of them and bring them back to complete good health)
Many people would rather have a flawless puppy to take care of, than one that would be the cause of burden and frustration. The key here is to exercise your love for pets and be patient and kind when dealing with such animals.
Do extensive research online depending on what kind of German Shepherd puppy you want...
  • Do you want a healthy one?
  • Would you like a single pup or more from a newborn batch?
  • Would you care for an abandoned one that qualifies as healthy and problem free?
  • Would a physically challenged puppy interest you?
Once you decide on what kind of puppy you want, then go ahead and look for places that give these puppies away for adopting owners. You can always call up the people in charge of the adoption and quell your doubts by questioning the current nature of the puppy/puppies before you go ahead and adopt them.
Websites also sometimes list out everything about the puppy in question in a segregated manner, so that you have all your info laid out in front of you before you decide to adopt the little pup.

Finding German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

There are many companies that provide people with adoption options. If you'd like to give these pups a home, with good food and the company of people who will love him/her, then you're on your way in carrying out a good deed.


This place gives you the opportunity to buy a puppy from any kind of German Shepherd breed - be it pitch black, snowy white or the well-known brown and black coat that they come in.
All you have to do is search for the dog breed by putting in the details of looking for a particular German Shepherd, and they enlist puppies for sale. Information on German Shepherd temperament, care, origin, training and so on, is also provided on the website.


Here you can look for your breed by selecting it from the drop down list of breeds. Whether you click on Alsatian or German Shepherd, listings for the same will come. Choose from a variety of breeds, and give those adorable homeless puppies a nice homey shelter.

How to Take Care of a German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppies need a lot of care and attention initially, but are later on easy to train and instruct.
There are certain things that need to be kept in mind while taking care of these animals, to ensure that they live a good and healthy life.


German Shepherd needs adequate exercise to avoid problems like becoming mentally challenged if under exercised or even destructive in nature. Make sure you take him/her for regular walks or provide a big yard/lawn area for it to run about actively.
Constantly play with him/her in your backyard by playing fetch or tossing a Frisbee about. German Shepherds need to keep their energy levels up.


German Shepherds are smart dogs, and can easily pick up instructions and training commands. You won't face any problems in training your dog.


A German Shepherd coat needs to be brushed constantly, since these dogs are known to be seasonal heavy shedders. To avoid hair from accumulating in your home, brush him/her habitually. There is no need to give these dogs a bath regularly, as this can cause the skin to get irritated, due to an imbalance of oil present in it.


Claws need to be trimmed on several occasions, to avoid them from causing damage or bad scratches to owners/others. You need to also check their ears in case trimming hair off from there is needed.


Avoid feeding your dog junk, except for the occasional dog treats that aren't meant for humans, but specially for dogs. This ensures that he is healthy, clean and free from any problems related to digestion.


A German Shepherd can suffer from problems like epilepsy, dog fleas, allergies, chronic eczema, hip and elbow dysplasia and keratitis (when the cornea becomes inflamed) to name a few.
In any case, if you take care of your German Shepherd in the right way, and do whatever is necessary to keep him/her fit, rest assured that they'll do just fine.
Now that you know where to get German Shepherd puppies for adoption and how to choose one, I hope you find it in a soft corner from within to give these little guys a home. 
Dogs need someone to attach to as family, and it'll be a nice addition to your home to give you company, security; not to mention cheer you up. If you don't like dogs, I'm sure their puppy eyes will do the trick and melt your cynical insides. Get adopting already!