German Shepherd Pictures

Intelligent and full of life, that is how all dog enthusiasts describe a German Shepherd. This article provides some information and pictures of this breed.
The German shepherd dog, which is also known as an Alsatian, originated from Germany. Its strength, intelligence, and protective nature has made it one of the best-loved dogs world over.

German Shepherd Dogs

This is a very good-looking dog that was mainly bred for performing herding activities. It is a big dog with straight, perky ears, a black nose, and ever-alert eyes on an elongated face. It has a well-proportioned body which is not only strong but very agile. The shoulders and front as well as back legs are muscular, and can easily take the dog's weight well when it is in motion. It has a long, bushy tail that balances its strides well. The coat is usually brown or black with streaks of white. It is not uncommon to see combinations of black, brown, and white. The amount of hair it has on its coat depends upon the variety it belongs to.

Males are generally 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 65 to 85 pounds. Females are generally 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh between 50 to 70 pounds. This dog sheds hair quite regularly, so a good brushing down is essential to keep the coat smooth. It tends to be susceptible to diseases like blood disorders, digestive problems, and eczema or allergies. Regular walking and exercising is necessary to keep up the muscular strength.

The following are some pictures of this lovable breed.

German shepherd puppy tongue out
Adult german shepherd standing

Adult German shepherd facing front
Adult german shepherd facing sideways

Towards the early 19th century, this dog was assigned police and military roles world over for performing activities in a working environment. These roles included guarding, search and rescue, and as a sniffer dog (member of the bomb squad). Its affable nature has made it a permanent member of families where members are either blind, autistic, or just to keep company to old people. It can be well-trained, and produces excellent results when trained to be obedient, guard, or work around the needs of the owners. It possesses a long-term memory, which is probably why it is a good sniffer dog. It loves to be around people. Leaving it alone or in isolation for too long makes it irritable and sulky.

While purchasing normal-colored, white, or black puppies, make sure you go to reputed dog breeders. This breed is quite in demand and hence a huge market exists for it. This dog should be trained from an early age. It is a quick learner, and early training makes it highly adaptable to its environment, establishing it as a pack leader. Although not basically aggressive, it has a tendency to bend towards its inherent herding nature. It feels the need to lead the pack, so it is important to assert your status as the boss. Always address your puppy by its name.

White German Shepherd
This dog is very similar to the normal one with the exception of being totally white. No mix or streaks of other colors. The white color gives it a beautiful, delicate appeal. Some dogs of this type may be on the creamier side. The rules of training apply here too, starting early will get you an obedient dog. This one, however, is considered to be gentler than the normal ones. It is extremely loyal and protective.

Black German Shepherd
This dog is generally all-black, though some have a few odd brown streaks here and there. Because of the color, it seems to have an aggressive look. However, its temperament is very similar to the normal-colored German shepherds. The black variety is fond of open yards where it can run around without many obstacles. It needs regular grooming to avoid the hair from getting tangled. It makes a great watchdog, and can be very protective not only of its master but also the whole family.

All breeds of German shepherds are intelligent. This dog will learn almost everything you train it in. In rare instances, if you do come across a bad-tempered or aggressive dog, bear in mind that it is due to bad training and raising. As with all other dog breeds, the amount of love and affection you shower on a German shepherd will be returned to you manifold.