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Your German Shepherd Will LOVE One of These Herculean Names!

German Shepherd Names
Bringing a new pet home is an awesome experience. But what's more exciting is finding a cool name for the new member of the house. We have listed some great German shepherd names and their meanings in this article. Check them out...
Rajib Singha
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Naming your pet is always exciting. I named mine Buster! He is a Labrador retriever; a little ball of fur he was, when I brought him home.
The first day he set his tiny paws in my house, he started annoying Toby, my neighbor's cat. Good for him, Toby was old, wise, and as cool as a cucumber.
So, she ignored Buster; she ignores him even now. Coming back to business, here are some names for you to choose for your new friend...
To help you choose the best name for your pet, we have also provided the meanings of the names in the following lists.
Great Names for Male German Shepherds
Phoenix - A mythical sacred firebird bird that lived for five hundred years, then burned itself only to regenerate from its own ashes
Zebu - An unusual breed of ox
Aiko - Child who will be loved
Biene - Bee
Onyx - Ring
Falk - Falcon
Ada - Nobility
Bruno - Shield
Kosmos - World
Jaeger - Hunter
Rauchig - Smoky
Yamasee - Quiet
Kaiser - Emperor
Rambo - Fearless
Titian - Honored
Einstein - Genius
Karl - A free man
Lucky - Fortunate
Hummel - Bumblebee
Dreadnought -A battleship
Yukon - Great river
Schnaps - Swallow
Vaquero - A cowboy
Ajax - A Greek hero
Duke - A male ruler
Arnold - Eagle power
Otto - Wealthy
Wotan - A German god
Czar - A male monarch
Axel - Father of peace
Bach - A German composer
Conrad - Brave counsel
Mika - Beautiful smell
Falcon - A bird of prey
Icon - A representation
Tanka - A Japanese poem
Rio - "River" in Spanish
Zorro -Spanish for "fox"
Leo - The fifth zodiac sign
Wolfgang - Traveling wolf
Baci - "Kisses" in Italian
Lucifer -The planet Venus
Barrett - As brave as a bear
Jupiter - The largest planet
Yorokobi - "Joy" in Japanese
Weser -A river in Germany
Cadence -Rhythm
Camelot - A peaceful place
Luther - Famous
Mambo - A Latin American dance
Saxon - An ancient Germanic tribe
Wagner - A German composer
Matador - A valiant bullfighter
Caspian - A large saltwater lake
Kafka - A German language novelist
Beethoven - A German musical genius
Ulysses - Roman name for "Odysseus"
Dodger - One who acts deceptively
Danube - A river in Central Europe
Hesse - A state in western Germany
Texas - A state in the southern US
Goethe - A German playwright and poet
Achilles - The hero of Homer's Iliad
Zeven - A town in Germany
Indigo - A plant that yields a blue dye
Omega - A letter of the Greek alphabet
Fandango - A Spanish dance
Neptune - Ruler (God) of the sea
Delta - A letter of the Greek alphabet
Orion - Rising in the sky
Calico - A printed cotton cloth
Talisman - A magical charm to dispel evil
Razzmatazz - A flashy show to confuse people
Nova - A pretty luminous star
Palomino - A horse with a golden coat

Great Names for Female German Shepherds
- Good
Adele - Noble
Agatha - Good
Anika - Grace
Chaya - Alive
Akira - Bright
Berta - Famous
Sonja - Wisdom
Gerda - Guarded
Emma - Universal
Bella - Beautiful
Gretchen - Pearl
Brooke - A stream
Emily - Emulating
Kona - World rule 
Willow -Graceful
Brigitte - Strength 
Kristall - Crystal
Nena -Little girl
Mai Tai - Very good
Viva -Long live...
Elsa - God of plenty
Fable - A moral tale
Jasmine - God's gift
Nixe - A water fairy
Portia - An offering
Diva - A famous woman
Elke - Noble and kind
Liebchen - Sweetheart
Opal - Valuable stone
Amorette - Little love
Iris - A Greek goddess
Queeny - A woman ruler
Teal - Trustworthiness
Lotus - Flawless beauty
Ruby - A precious stone
Zephyr - A soft breeze
Faith - Belief and trust
Ricotta - Italian cheese
Verona - A city in Italy
Magnolia - Love of nature
Cypress - An evergreen tree
Ebi - Japanese for "shrimp"
Fleur - French for "flower"
Steffi - A garland or crown
Yia-yia - Greek for "Grandma"
Chambray - A delicate fabric
Emerald - The Healer's Stone
Irie - Anything that is good
Laker - A lake-dwelling fish
Lavender - An evergreen shrub
Amber - A brownish yellow color
Sassy - Lively and high-spirited
Babushka - Russian for "grandma"
Bailey - The encasing of a castle
Edelweiss - A plant of the daisy family
Pandora - The first woman on earth who, out of curiosity, opened a box known by the same name and unleashed the evils of the world

With so many choices at hand, choosing a befitting name for your German shepherd, is a lot of work. But you can make the job easier by shortlisting some really good names, and sparing some time in going through the meaning of each of the names. That's how I named by Lab Buster! Cheers!
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