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German Shepherd Dog Names

German Shepherds are majestic dogs that turn heads wherever they go. If you are looking for a name that will do justice to your dog's unique personality, then the lists provided in this article may help you.
DogAppy Staff
If you recently brought home a German Shepherd, then you must be looking for a name to call him/her with. The following list will help you find the right one for your loyal friend.
Unique Names
Female Names Male Names
Adelle Aldo
Ava Aldous
Avis Alfred
Avita Atlas
Babette Baron
Bavaria Beethoven
Belva Benz
Bethany Berg
BJ Blitz
Blanca Bonn
Brandy Boris
Brita Brantley
Bulah Britz
Champagne Burke
Chelsea Caspar
Dancer Chance
Danika Conan
Diva Dietrich
Ella Donner
Elsa Einstein
Enya Einstein
Eve Fabian
Fergie Falk
Flapper Fritz
Fraeulein Gaston
Frankie Goethe
Gia Gunther
Hannah Gustav
India Haan
Kasandra Helmar
Kasey Henri
Kazimir Herman
Kendra Hertz
Kiera Ido
Kiki Igor
Kosta Ivo
Lisa Jackson
Lola Jacques
Lucy Juniper
Lulu Jupiter
Luna Kaiser
Lydia Kam
Mable Kameron
Marcie Kant
Maven Karch
Meg Karl
Mega Klaus
Millie Kleve
Misha Kramer
Missy Krypto
Mitzy Lothar
Molly Marcus
Muse Max
Opal Maximus
Ossie Navarone
Parton Otter
Pasha Ozzy
Pearl Panzer
Pennysue Quincy
Queso Ratt
Quince Reinold
Rachel Rembrandt
Raven Romel
Regal Rudi
Reggina Rudy
Ripley Saxon
Rona Sigmond
Rosa Strongheart
Sabine Ugo
Sable Vonn
Sandy Waldo
Savannah Walker
Shielo Walter
Stevie Werner
Sugar Will
Tia Xanten
Veronica Zack
Vivian Zellmer
Wilma Ziggy
Some Popular Names with their Meanings
Adele Noble, kind
Aldo Wise one
Alison Of noble birth
Anna Gracious
Arnold Eagle, Powerful
Axel Father of peace
Bach Leading German composer
Baron For a noble dog
Barrett Strong as a bear
Beethoven A musical genius
Berta Intelligent; Glorious
Biene For a busy bee
Blitz Lightning
Blume A flower
Bonbon Candy
Brigitte Strong spirited
Brooke A stream
Bruno Brown-haired
Conrad Brave counsel
Danube European waterway
Edel Noble and distinguished
Elbe River that flows through much of Germany
Elke Noble and kind
Elsa Noble
Emily Industrious
Emma All embracing
Falk Hawk, a unique German Shepherd dog name
Floh A name for a small dog
Gerda Means protector
Gretchen Little pearl
Hank Ruler of the estate
Heidi Noble and kind
Hexe Witch
Hexen To do magic
Hummel Famous figurines
Jaegar Hunter
Kaiser Leader
Kaiser Emperor
Karl A free man
Katrina Pure
Kirsche Cherry
K├Ânig King
Kristall Very precious
Lance Knight's attendant
Leo For a dog as brave as a lion
Nixe A mermaid or sprite
Otto Rich, wealthy
Panzer Armour
Prinz Prince
Rauchig Smokey
Reinhard Brave, or a fox
Saxon Ancient Germanic tribe
Schnaps Fiery German liquor
Steffi A garland or crown
Sternchen little star
Wolfgang Rising wolf
Wotan Supreme god of Norse mythology
Zigeuner Gypsy
Zucker Sugar
These were some unique German Shepherd dog names for males and female. German Shepherds are extremely pleasant dogs as pets. With a little bit of training, you will end up with an extremely obedient and faithful dog.