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Fencing Ideas for Dogs

Some Easy and Inexpensive Fencing Ideas for Dogs of All Sizes

Many times we don't come across enough fencing ideas for dogs to make our choices, but we need them for the security and safety of our pets. Mentioned below are a few such ideas for dog fences, so take a look and find your favorite.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Fences are used to give your pet dogs security and to contain them whenever required. To avoid them running behind cars, chasing guests, and sometimes even begging for food just after having meals, you can use fences. No matter how cute they are, they have to be trained to be disciplined in certain things. Specially when you have big dogs like the Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Collies, etc., who can get aggressive, there is a necessity to control them at some point or the other.
Dog Fencing Ideas
Dog kennels do not provide enough walking space after meals, if you are unable to walk them around the neighborhood. Thus, it is always a sensible choice to have an open area which is large enough for them to move freely, which can either be closed or without a roof. If you have one big dog, you can make space for it in your yard by building a wooden fence. However, if you have small dogs which are delicate and need care, they can be kept in an indoor fence inside the house. For this purpose, there are a few ideas given below, which could prove useful.
Wooden Fence
The wooden fences are the most inexpensive options and are easy to maintain. There are many designs of these wooden fences, which can be used indoors as well as outdoors, with or without a roof. If you have a big house, with lots of spare space, a wooden fence which is built with simple vertical wooden planks is all you need. Many a time, when the house is small and cannot accommodate the dog, but there is a big backyard, these fences can have wooden tops as well. You can also make a huge kennel with wood and a bronze fence to give enough walking space for the dog.
Bronze Fence
These are also some of the most commonly used fences when you want to keep your dogs outdoors. The bronze fences come in different shapes and sizes, with or without the tops, and also with feeding bowls attached to them. These are usually used in pet stores, dog adoption homes, training centers, etc. They are very spacious from the inside and are high enough to ensure that the dog cannot jump and escape. These can also be made into electric fences, which have openings at the top or the front. However, you have to be very careful, not to let the dog jump out! The designs can be singular for one dog, or even a duplex and triplex for more dogs.
Chain Fence
Other ideas include chain link kennels, which are usually built for farm dogs and also some other animals. Apart from the wooden ones, these too are cheap, because they are easily available and are quite durable too. These fences are made out of chains of wires and are not easily penetrable, so neither can the dogs escape and nor can outsiders enter. These fences are seen in training centers, dog shelters, and places where a number of dogs are taken care of together. The height of these fences can be altered according to the height of the dogs and also depending on their moving space.
With these fencing ideas for dogs, you can surely provide your pet a secure place to thrive if not in the house. They can be fed, played with and also given enough exercise in these fences, as they are all made keeping the size and habits of a dog in mind.
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