Famous Dogs

Want to know which were the most famous dogs in history? Here we have for you, a list of dogs that made their mark in various walks of life.
No animal is as loyal and faithful as a dog and thus, dogs are loved as pets by all of us. Whether it's a movie, sitcom, or a real life story, man has always enjoyed the company of dogs. If we are to make a list of some of the most famous dogs, the list is most likely to be unending. Nevertheless, we did try to come up with some lists, and we think we did a satisfactory job.

In Movies and TV Shows

Name of the DogDog BreedMovie
FangNeapolitan Mastiff Harry Potter
HoochDogue De BordeauxTurner and Hooch
TotoCairn TerrierWizard of Oz
LondonGerman ShepherdThe Littlest Hobo
FrankPugMen in Black
BeethovenSaint BernardBeethoven
ArgusIrish Red and White SetterFamiliar Strangers
BlairCollieRescued by Rover
Rin Tin TinGerman ShepherdWhere The North Begins

In Commercials

Name of the DogDog BreedCommercial
AlexGolden RetrieverStroh's Beer
AxelrodBasset HoundFlying "A" Service Station
Big MoGolden RetrieverAlpo
BingoGenericCracker Jack
DinkyChihuahuaTaco Bell

As Mascots

Name of the DogMascot of
Jonathan the HuskyUniversity of Connecticut
Blue IIButler University
BullyMississippi State University
BlitzWofford College
Zeke the Wonder DogMichigan State
Brian BoruRoyal Irish Regiment
MexUniversity of Oklahoma
MirabelleDetail Gallery

In Literature

Name of the DogDog Breed
Beautiful JoeAiredale
Jock of the BushveldStaffordshire bull terrier
LadRough collie
MarleyLabrador Retriever
TulipGerman shepherd
Wheely WillyChihuahua
MirabelleBoston terrier

U.S. Presidents' Companions

Name of the DogDog BreedName of the President/First Lady
BoPortuguese water dogBarack Obama
BarneyScottish TerrierGeorge W. Bush
BuddyChocolate Labrador RetrieverBill Clinton
CheckersCocker SpanielRichard Nixon
DashCollie mixCaroline Harrison
FalaScottish TerrierFranklin Delano Roosevelt
Him and HerBeaglesLyndon Johnson
LibertyGolden RetrieverGerald R. Ford
ManchuBlack PekingeseAlice Roosevelt
MillieSpringer SpanielBarbara Bush
PeteBull TerrierTheodore Roosevelt
SpotEnglish Springer SpanielGeorge W. Bush

Other Famous Dogs in History

Blondi, who lived from 1941 to 1945, was Adolf Hitler's pet dog. Hitler received this female German Shepherd as a gift from Martin Bormann., a prominent Nazi professional. Hitler loved his dear pet and also allowed her to sleep in his bedroom in his bunker. Reports say that, on April 30, 1945, Hitler asked his physician, Werner Haase, to test suicide pills on Blondi, which caused her death, and soon after that, Hitler committed suicide.

Laika (1954 -1957) being the first dog in space, certainly deserves a place in this list. She was a Soviet space dog and was launched into the space by the Russian spacecraft, Sputnik 2 in 1957. She was the first animal to orbit the Earth. Laika was a victim of orbital death due to overheating, stress, and problems inside the rocket. It's difficult to believe, but Laika was a stray dog, which was picked up from the streets of Moscow.

Pickles was a mongrel who helped in searching the stolen FIFA World Cup of the year 1966. The trophy was stolen on March 20, just 4 months before the FIFA World Cup tournament was to begin in England. The trophy was found wrapped in a newspaper in South London by Pickles when it was taking a walk with its master. While the thief was never caught, Pickles and his owner, David Corbet, did receive a handsome reward from the police.

Lassie was basically a fictional character, which was created by Eric Knight and used in a short story called Lassie Come-Home. This novel was then filmed by MGM and the character Lassie became very popular. The dog became a popular movie star and was seen on the silver screen throughout the 50s and 60s. It also starred in The Sun Comes Up, Lassie, Magic of Lassie, etc. Since then, the name has been used for several dogs belonging to the Border Collie breed that made a mark on the silver screen.

Smoky, a Yorkshire Terrier, was a hero of World War II, who won eight battle stars. She was adopted by Corporal William Wynne and served with 5th Air Force in the Pacific. Yorkie Doodle Dandy: Or, the Other Woman Was a Real Dog is a book written by William Wynne and it describes his adventures with this incredible war dog.

In the end, the examples of all these dogs does prove why dogs are considered man's best friend.