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160 Famous Disney Inspired Names for Dogs

Be it a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, a Puli or an English Mastiff, or simply a mix-breed who stole your heart at some shelter, every puppy deserves a suitable and adorable name. Nothing screams cute like Disney dog names!
DogAppy Staff
Did You Know?
The movie '101 Dalmatians' is based on Dodie Smith's book called 'The Hundred and One Dalmatians'. The story is loosely based on the 9 Dalmatians she owned, including one called Pongo.
If you are one of those who believe 'what's in a name?', let me tell you my friend - everything. A pooch's name should suit his/her personality and physical traits. Let's paint you a picture! Imagine calling out to your dog, say 'Speedy', and an old worn out dog slowly makes his way to where you are. Or Rex for a Chihuahua. Are you getting the hint? Besides, aren't you tired of those cliché dog names like Lucky, Lucy, Spot, and Max? Why not give your puppy a name he or she will thank you for. Got you wondering what to name him?
Let us help you. Do you like Disney films and cartoons? Nothing has oodles of mischief, innocence, and character like your beloved Disney characters. Do you remember Lady, Tramp, Perdita, Pongo? And who can forget Benji and Buddy? If you are a fan of Disney movies and cartoons, you will know where we are going with this. If you are searching for Disney dog names fit for pooches, this article is especially for you. We have put together a wide range of Disney dog names for you to choose from. Whether your dog is a little puppy or an old rescue, your best friend deserves a Disney-worthy name. So, here's a wide list of cute and adorable Disney names inspired from beloved Walt Disney characters.
Disney Dog Names for Female Puppies
Abby Abigail Adelaide Adella
Alana Alice Amelia Anastasia
Andrina Anita Annette Ariel
Audrey Aurora Bambi Beauty
Belle Bianca Cadpig Celia
Cinderella Cleo Collette Cruela
Daisy Danielle Debby Delilah
Dinah Dixi Dutches Dory
Ellie Mae Esmerelda Eudora Fantasia
Fauna Flora Foo-Foo Georgette
Gigi Giselle Helga Hera
Jane Jasmine Jessie Jewel
Kiara Kala Lady Leah
Lilo Marie Marian Minnie
Mona Mulan Nala Nana
Nikki Olivia Patches Peg
Penny Perdita Perla Puff
Pinky Prissy Rebecca Rosa
Rosie Roxanne Stella Tiana
Tiki Tinkerbell Wendy Willow
Disney Dog Names for Male Puppies
Abu Andy Baloo Ben
Benji Bernard Boo Bolt
Bruno Buzz Chip Christopher
Claude Clayton Cody Colonel
Copper Dale Dash Demetrius
Demon Dodger Donald Duke
Eli Eruc Evinrude Fagin
Fenton Figaro Finn Flynn
Flit Geppetto Goofy Gus
Harvey Hugo Ian Jaq
Jock Lafayette Luke Lyle
Mickey Milo Nemo Oliver
Otto Pascal Patch Pluto
Pongo Pooh Pumba Rafiki
Rajah Remy Rolly Russell
Sammy Scamp Scotty Sebastian
Simba Slinky Stitch Tarzan
Thumper Tigger Timon Timothy
Toby Tramp Turk Victor
Wilbur Winston Yeller Zeus
Go ahead and choose a name from these. The only thing to make sure is that, the name you decide upon fits the appearance and traits of your beloved pet.